Upfront About … FOX’s Alcatraz

Now that the upfronts have concluded in NYC, it’s time for me to take a look at some of the new series that I’m looking forward to the most for the upcoming TV season. For this year’s inaugural edition of “Upfront About …” the spotlight is on J.J. Abrams latest fantastical offering, Alcatraz.

Set to premiere midseason, Alcatraz is about a mystery surrounding the world-famous prison. Long kept secrets start coming to light when a prisoner, thought to be dead for decades, appears to be the suspect in a grisly, current-day murder. This is only the beginning in a series of events that pose a serious danger to the world. Hidden behind classified files and a government cover-up, the truth of the history of Alcatraz is unlike anything we could have imagined.

Here’s the first promo from FOX for you to check out:

This is one series that I’ll definitely be tuning in for. It has a great cast – Jorge Garcia, Parminder Nagra, Sam Neill and Sarah Jones to name a few – and the trademark intrigue and mind-bending mystery that J.J. Abrams’ series are best loved for.

What are your thoughts on Alcatraz based on this clip? Will it make your list of must watch TV when it debuts midseason?

Photo Courtesy of FOX

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