Caffeine Special Report: FOX Upfront

This week, the big five broadcast networks are revealing their fall schedules to their advertisers – and the rest of us. FOX has published a press release to accompany its official presentation. Here’s what you can expect. (All times are Eastern.)

The Fall Schedule

8:00: Terra Nova
9:00: House

8:00: Glee
9:00: New Girl
9:30: Raising Hope

8:00: The X Factor
9:30: I Hate My Teenage Daughter

8:00: The X Factor
9:00: Bones

8:00: Kitchen Nightmares
9:00: Fringe

7:30: The Cleveland Show
8:00: The Simpsons
8:30: Allen Gregory
9:00: Family Guy
9:30: American Dad


FOX is the only network so far to release a full scheduling grid for midseason as well. American Idol and Bob’s Burgers will be back, along with new shows Alcatraz, The Finder, and Napoleon Dynamite. Additional new shows we may see later in the season include Touch, Little in Common, and Family Album.

Say Goodbye…

…to Breaking In, The Chicago Code, The Good Guys, Human Target, Lie to Me, Running Wilde, and Traffic Light. None of them will be returning.

Your thoughts? Any new shows look good to you? Will you miss any of the cancelled shows?

Terra Nova Photo Courtesy of FOX

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