Twist and Shout: Catching Up with Ringer

So many twists, y’all. One of which I actually did see coming the closer we got to it.

Let’s catch you up.

Although she wasn’t seen last week, in the previous two episodes, Siobhan is still lurking around New York and reeling Tyler in back in Paris. She reveals herself to Henry, but lies about the why of the ID switch, implicating Bridget as the great mastermind of the ruse to help her avoid Bodaway. They reconcile and the timing syncs up that she’s ready to turn Andrew in to the SEC just as Olivia has bullied Henry into having his father invest in the company. Oops.

Part of her plan is that if Andrew is arrested, that works around her prenup and nets them Andrew’s money (or so she says). She also tells Tyler that Henry is her brother when Tyler makes a video call to the hotel and spies Henry in a robe in her room (ignoring the fact that Henry is in the bed when he answers the phone).

Bridget is working her way down Siobhan’s memory lane, enlisting the help of a military vet turned limo driver, Solomon (played by SMG’s Cruel Intentions co-star, Sean Patrick Thomas). She explains away the inconsistencies in her memories with a half-truth that she’s newly sober. What she finds out is that Siobhan had not forgiven her. Bridget asks Solomon to retrace Siobhan’s steps in the days leading up to the sisters’ reunion at the Hamptons and realizes John/Charlie and Siobhan were friends but she doesn’t put it together that Siobhan is alive and well and stalking her.

Andrew has an encounter with Siobhan when she comes into the apartment to steal a key that Bridget found, but doesn’t realize it’s his Siobhan/not Bridget. She acts cold and aloof and that gets his attention but he doesn’t tweak that he’s kissing an entirely different sister. Bridget comes in soon after and makes nice but he’s still curious.

Juliet bows to pressure from Tessa to testify against Mr. Carter and then can’t get her story straight until she knuckles down and does. Then Tessa backs out and Andrew has to settle a defamation suit, at Bridget and Catherine’s urging, to make it all go away. About this time, every bell in my head went off and was confirmed about five minutes later that the assault was a ruse by Juliet, Tessa, and Mr. Carter for Juliet to reclaim her inheritance (and split it three ways). So Mr. C. isn’t (technically) a perv but he is a bad, bad boy. (Yay?)

Then Tessa gets too flashy with the cash and Juliet goes to Mr. Carter in a panic. Pretty quickly, Tessa is beaten up and her money is stolen and Juliet is really terrified now that she’s in over her head. We find out it’s so much more complicated than that when Catherine is revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole thing (say it with me, “Ewwwwwww!”).

Last week’s episode spent a fair amount of time in the past, revealing that Siobhan had a son, Sean, by Dylan Morrison (Misha Collins) and that Siobhan still sent his mother, Nancy (Brynn Thayer), flowers every year on her birthday. (Sidebar: their version of a $100 bouquet is laughably actually about a $30 FTD bundle.) Bridget finds out about the standing delivery and goes to see Nancy but doesn’t piece together who Nancy actually *is* until she’s standing in the woman’s living room. Nancy is so rattled by the rather incoherent visit that Ryan turns up at the penthouse demanding answers about “why now?”

We then flash back to Siobhan and Bridget seemingly co-raising Sean and Siobhan on the outs with Ryan. In a moment of supremely bad judgment, Bridget lets Ryan take Sean to a fair and when he falls asleep at the wheel on the way home, the boy dies in the accident. This was the rift between the sisters that never repaired itself and sent Bridget on her downward spiral.

Henry nuts up and goes to see Andrew and pulls all his money. He also drops the hint that he knows Andrew is a criminal, so there’s a hilarious scene later where all the Martins sit uncomfortably at dinner and tell each other nothing.

There’s also a potential arc for Malcolm developing when Henry asks him to come to the house to help with his computer and Malcolm turns him down until he sees that Henry has the key ring stolen from Siobhan. Malcolm also has to put the brakes on Bridget when she tells him she wishes she could out herself to Andrew and Juliet so they knew what she felt for them was real and genuine from her, Bridget, and not Siobhan. He talks to her about forgiveness and that sends her to talk to Dylan and forgive him (as Siobhan) for Sean’s death.

And that brings us to tonight. I hope Bridget realizes soon enough that Siobhan is in town. I hope Siobhan is wrong about Andrew. I hope Henry gets it together to realize Siobhan is playing him. I hope Juliet confides in Siobhan or Andrew that her mom is all kinds of bad news. It was interesting to see Collins play a normal guy. I’m happy to see Sean Patrick Thomas come and play, although it seems he’s taking up screen time we had for Malcolm.

The upside is that the extended hiatus means we still have 9 episodes left this season. Sweet!

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