Contest: Win a Pair of Passes to the TVD Con in Chicago!


We’ve got 1 pair of Weekend General Admission Passes to The Vampire Diaries Official Convention in Chicago for next weekend, April 14-15, 2012!

You and a friend will be able to attend both days of the convention at the Westin O’Hare, which includes a non-reserved seat in the main theatre and admission to the vendors room. Please note the Weekend General Admission Passes do not include any autograph tickets or photo ops. Also, the prize does not include transportation or accommodations.

How to win …

Leave a comment below with the answer to this question: “Who do you think has been Season Three’s MVP?”

You only need to comment once, and we’ll randomly pick a lucky winner this Tuesday.

Contest ends on Monday April 9th at 11:59pm ET!

Thanks to Creation Entertainment for the prize. And be sure to check out more details on this event and their other conventions at!

Congrats to our winner, JENNIFER SCHWARZBACH! We’ll be in touch with you soon!

28 thoughts on “Contest: Win a Pair of Passes to the TVD Con in Chicago!

  1. I’m calling Joseph Morgan as the Season 3 MVP. He’s been knocking it out of the park every episode. I can’t imagine the show without him at this point.

  2. Stefan has really been this Season MVP! Paul has been doing a amazing job pulling him off.:)

  3. I think Klaus ( Joseph Morgan ) is the season 3 MVP because without him there would be no action.

  4. I think Stefan has been the MVP of season three because of all of the stuff he’s been through with Klaus, Damon and Elena. He’s gone from brooding Stefan, back to the Ripper, and now he is trying to be the Stefan that Elena once loved but knows that he can never be that person again. Klaus comes in a close second on the MVP list though. =)

  5. Stefan. They took his character to a crazy place and now he is finally coming back!!! Always so under appreciated!

  6. Stefan is DEFINITELY the MVP of season 3. Who else would sacrifice everything to save his brother. Damon would never do that… Besides Damon is a selfish jerk who goes after his brothers girlfriend when Stefan’s gone trying to save Damon’s life. So because of this and an infinite number of reasons, Stefan will always be the MVP.

  7. Paul Wesley completley blew me away this season, I always loved Stefan, but the phenomenal acting – the way I could feel every emotion with just look into his eyes, it’s simply amazing. He definitley deserves more acknowledgement and appreciation! Paul/Stefan are this seasons MVP.

  8. Stefan — that’s right! Family goes first! He is definitely the MVP for Season 3! Love the show!! Woo hoo!!

  9. I would say Klaus too. JP definitely wasn’t lying when she said it would be the season of the originals!

  10. Stefan, for sure! I personally think he went through hell and back, he lost everything just about and even though Elena doesn’t see it right now, he did all of it to help her in the long run. And now that he’s learning to control himself, I think Stefan will be stronger then ever! Paul does an amazing job and sometimes I think he’s underrated at times.

  11. This seasons MVP has to either be Stefan with the whole Ripper story line and because lets face it Paul Wesley totally rocked it! OR Alaric because of everything going on with him now…can’t wait to see what happens =}

  12. I also think Paul wesley has been the MVP his character has gone through so many ups and downs and he’s portrayed them all so well. He is slowly trying to make his way back and Paul Wesley is showing us how truly difficult it is. But still team Damon 😉

  13. I personally feel that the Season 3 MVP has been Stefan/Paul Wesley. He’s always on the mark. He’s wonderful at making my me feel what he’s feeling and that’s just damn good acting!!!

  14. MVP goes to…Stefan. He has come from the Ripper Road and starting to make changes. Saved his brother, stopped being a ripper and realizing how he needs to keep control. He has pushed himself and grown in great ways. 🙂

  15. I think Damon/ian is the mvp…… He started the season focused on trying to protect elena and save stefan all while trying to get elena to fall for him…. Now he is willing to become like the old Damon again because he loves elena and knows she wants to be with stefan…. Also he has finally come to realize that stefan is all the family he has and he really loves stefan…. Now Damon is all about trying to have a brother relationship he has never had….. Damon has grown a lot so that is why hw is my MVP!!!

  16. This is an unpopular opinion, but I believe MVP goes to Elena. This girl has gone through so much the past (almost) 3 seasons, and yet, she is able to get up, smile, and continually put herself out there to protect the ones she loves. While I’ve heard people complain about how annoying it is that everyone risks everything to save her, have you not thought about why? It is because she loves them so deeply, cares for them so much, and is such a great friend to them, that they return this deep level of love. It has been shown again and again that she would die for her loved ones. Her principles and ideals have never faltered, and she draws strength from them. This season was a lot about Elena growing up and becoming independent, and while I believe she still has room to grow, she has made huge improvements and really is growing into a strong, beautiful woman.

  17. damon’s eyebrows. they’ve come a long way since the first season. they have really refined themselves and realized they don’t need to over act.

  18. Damon all the way he is thinks about his brother before himself even if it makes him the bad guy

  19. Stefan is definitely Season 3 TVD’s MVP because at the end of the day, everything comes back down to him and his decisions.

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