It’s a True Blood Party with Melissa & Christina: Jesus Gonna Be Here

It’s the beginning of the end for True Blood, so Christina and I are saying au revoir to Bon Temps with a weekly conversation about each episode, starting with the Season 7 premiere, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” Let’s get the party started, or rather, laissez les bon temps rouler!

Christina: Yaaaaaaaaay! PARTAY!

Melissa: Wheeeee! Since Tara managed to survive this long, I didn’t expect her to be “dead dead” in the first episode of the final season. Not only did Tara meet the “One True Death,” it happened off-screen. Did you think Tara might have lasted just a bit longer?

Christina: I’m literally shocked that they killed her off! I mean, I’m ecstatic, because I HATED Tara, but I’m shocked! A part of me can’t help but think of comic book deaths, though … we didn’t see a body! Just, um … guts. Ew. Do you really think she’s dead-dead?

Melissa: They’ve certainly made it seem as if she’s dead-dead, with Rutina Wesley sending farewell video messages to fans and all.

Tara really bored me after the Maenad storyline and she only became semi-interesting again as a vamp because of her relationship with Pam. I still don’t see the point of the show keeping her around if she was going to die so quickly into the final season.

Let’s chat about my favourite character, Jessica. She is still struggling with letting go of her humanity. She’s also filled with guilt over killing nearly all of Andy Bellefleur’s half-fairy daughters. I think that Jessica wanting to protect Adilyn is not only out of guilt, but partially because she misses being an older sister. What are your thoughts on Jessica?

Christina: I love Jessica. I think she was one of the best additions to the show. I think, in a way, she’s kind of meant for us, the viewers. I mean, every single one of us who watches this show has always wondered what it would be like to be IN the True Blood world, and to be a vampire in the True Blood world. Well, Jessica gave us the chance to almost experience that, from her life as a baby-vamp to the gorgeous, yet still insecure woman-vamp she’s grown into. It’s been really cool watching her character grow and develop. I’m really proud of who she’s become (dude, it’s a frickin’ TV show. WHY AM I PROUD OF HER?! I get way too attached…) I truly hope she gets the happy ending (WITH JASON STACKHOUSE, DAMMIT) she deserves.

Melissa: Yes, I need Jason and Jessica to end up together at the end of this all.

Christina: We have GOT to talk about Lafayette and Jessica’s boyfriend! Did you see the sparks I saw? Oooooh, gurl, I ship that! I really, really need sweet, darling Lafayette to have his happy ending! The boy has been through hell, and he’s always been one of my very favourites on the show!

Melissa: Agreed! James and Lafayette need to hook up ASAP so that Jessica is free to rekindle the flames of love with Jason. Speaking of Jason, what was up with that hood of the car sex scene with Violet? (Well … I guess we know WHAT was up, being Jason Stackhouse and all, but I don’t see why this storyline needs to go on).

Christina: I hate Violet. I hate everything about her, and about that storyline. Can that please just die already!? Is there even a point to that plot, or are they just trying to get us to need Jayssica more?!

Melissa: Everything comes back to Jason and Jessica 🙂

Far away from Bon Temps, Pam is searching the world for Eric and will not rest until she finds him. The game of vampire Russian Roulette that she played in this episode was a nice touch, especially her always biting one-liners. How long do you think it will be until Pam finds her Maker?

Christina: No way will they make us wait. Eric will return by episode three, or we riot! WHO’S WITH ME?!

Seriously though, the franchise relies on him. He carries the show, especially in the last four seasons. I really can’t wait to see how he got out of his predicament. Y’know, the one where he was NAKED in the snow on top of a mountain? I almost died because of the sexiness. Is it possible to die from sexy? How do you think he made it out, Melissa?

Melissa: I think he made it out, but every time he tries to put on clothes, they go up in flames, so he’s forced to be nekkid throughout the entire final season :p WHAT? A GIRL CAN DREAM, CAN’T SHE?!?

Let’s talk about Ms Stackhouse. I thought that Sookie’s speech in church at the end of the episode was probably one of her finest moments on this series. I love that she finally spoke up about what everyone thinks about her. Are you excited for the possibility of Sookie taking charge?

Christina: No, I’m really not. I’d rather see Sam, or even Alcide take charge at this point. I think it’s too little, too late for Sookie. She’s made these speeches before, and then somehow always becomes the victim again. Why should that change now? Ugh, I just want this last season to be as perfect as the first two were. Is that too much to ask?! I’m so bitter and jaded, going in to this last season, and I really don’t want to be. The series just went to far off kilter, that I don’t even know if I LIKE Sookie anymore, and that makes me so sad!

Melissa: I was tired of Sookie as well, but that moment gave me some hope that she can be what I always hoped she would be.

Christina: Seems to me there’s trouble in paradise with Sookie and Alcide. Do you think they’ll end up happily ever after, or will Sookie end up with Bill or Eric — or no one — in the end?

Melissa: I don’t mind trouble in paradise with Alcide as long as they keep finding opportunities for Joe Manganiello to be wearing no clothes. In fact, this delights me even more than the thought of Alexander Skarsgaard with no clothes. Yes, I have a one-track mind when it comes to True Blood. In fact, I watched all of last season just for the glimpses of Alcide’s wolfy tush. Hey, a girl can be intelligent and still enjoy some eye candy, right?

But I’m not sure what Sookie’s end game is. I can’t decide who I want her to end up with, if anyone.

Christina: On to another subject, I need to know WHY the vamps specifically took Arlene, Sam’s girl Nicole, and Holly.

Melissa: I am not sure if there’s a specific reason why those three were taken, but Holly may have been targeted because of her connection to Andy AND because she’s a witch (she’s still a witch, right?) and Nicole was likely taken because she’s pregnant with shifter spawn. Arlene though? Hasn’t she been through enough between Rene, losing Terry, thinking her child was evil, etc? I guess we’ll find out more on that soon enough.

Christina: And lastly, who the hell was the dead woman that Sookie tripped over in the forest?! That was just oddly glossed over…

Melissa: Ooooh, good question! For a split second I thought it was Holly, but we saw that she’s chained up in the basement of Fangtasia. Hopefully we’ll get some answers in Episode 2.

That wraps this week’s True Blood party! Have any thoughts on this week’s conversation? Be sure to comment below. We would love to hear from you! And if you’d like to join us for a future episode, leave a note in the comments and we’ll be in touch!

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