True Blood: Dead Meat

Lelia’s away for a couple of weeks, so I’ll be taking over the True Blood recaps until she returns. So why don’t we get right into the latest episode, “Dead Meat” …

Eric is one unhappy vamp after Nora succumbs to Hep-V, and he’s holding Bill accountable for the death. Bill was supposed to get Warlow from Sookie so that they could attempt to save Nora, but that plan didn’t work out. This plot point kinda bugs me since they didn’t know if Warlow’s blood would have actually helped Nora. It was Eric’s Hail Mary pass. Eventually, Eric does track down Warlow and drain him within an inch of his life (after snacking on Andy Bellefleur’s Halfling daughter Adilyn), which Bill and Sookie discover at the end of the episode.

Adilyn just can’t catch a break. Not only does she have to deal with aging at a ridiculous rate, a bumbling dad, dead sisters, and vampers trying to take a bite out her, she also has to deal with scummy human boys like Holly’s slimy sons who try to get her drunk and take advantage of her. There’s a tiny bit of ick-factor there as well if things do play out that Andy and Holly get married and those boys become Adilyn’s stepbrothers. Also, Arlene partially blames Adilyn and her sisters for Terry’s death, which Adilyn discovers by listening to a distraught Arlene’s thoughts.

Speaking of Arlene, not only is getting ready to bury her dear husband, she has to contend with his hoity toity family who wants a 21 gun salute and full military honors at the funeral. Yeah, nothing like having guns go off at the funeral for someone who died from a gunshot wound. She also learns about the very large insurance policy that Terry took out and realizes that his death was a suicide, which makes her hysterical, and she regrets that she had him glamored.

Over in Wolfville, the already detestable Rikki becomes even more worthy of a boot in the ass when she challenges Alcide and accuses him of betraying the pack by not killing Nicole and her mother. She says that he doesn’t have the balls to kill her. He gives her a good fight and could have easily ended her life, but he basically says ‘Eff you all, I don’t need your drama’ and takes Nicole and her mom with him. It’s got to be hard for someone to scowl quite so much and so intensely, and I wonder how long it takes Kelly Overton to wipe the sour look off her face when she finishes filming for the day.

Sam returns to Bon Temps to say farewell to Terry and is greeted with a surprise – Alcide has brought Nicole and her mom to Sam. By the way, does Nicole’s mom have a name? I can’t seem to find anything anywhere online that refers to her by anything other than “Nicole’s mom”. Sam gets the ladies settled into his place and heads over to the bar to drink it up with Alcide. At this point, Sam and Alcide may have discovered a new Were/Shifter line of business – extremely early pregnancy tests! Both guys have detected that Nicole’s preggers, and Sam’s fairly certain it’s his. How will that conversation between Sam and Nicole play out? “Hey baby. I know that we’re just still getting to know each other, but you’ve got my baby in you.”

Sarah Newlin’s still trying to hide the governor’s death, but Tru-Blood head honcho Ms Suzuki knows something is up. When Suzuki discovers what Sarah’s up to, and learns about the tainted Tru-Blood, she tries to get word out to the FDA and stop the blood bevvy from hitting the shelves, but Sarah stops Suzuki dead in her tracks. RIP Ms Suzuki. We barely knew you thanks to Sarah Newlin’s deadly footwear. I really got a kick out the casting of that role. Despite a long acting resume, Tamlyn Tomita will forever be Kumiko from The Karate Kid, Part II in my books. Why wasn’t Daniel-san there to fight for her honor … and her life? *Cue “The Glory of Love”*

Over at vampire lockup central, the tainted Tru-Blood is about to hit genpop just as a sexually sated Jessica and James return from their rendezvous. They avoid drinking up along with Pam, Tara and Willa. Someone notices that not all of the vamps are getting their drank on and report it to Sarah Newlin. One of the teetotalers happens to be her ex-hubby Steve, and when she threatens him with torture, he rats James out. The gals are taken to a white room where they find Steve and James, and Jessica realizes they’re in the room from Bill’s vision.

Elsewhere at vamp camp, Jason learns a bit about the vampire that has claimed him, Violet. She goes into some bla bla bla about medieval Catholicism and monogamy and I just don’t see the point of it right now. She says Jason is hers … forever. But as we know, nothing is forever in the world of True Blood!

Then there’s the storyline that I really don’t care for very much this season – Sookie and Warlow. Sookie goes to Warlow at Bill’s request and asks Warlow to help Bill save her vamp friends. He agrees but asks for a huge payment in return – Sookie has to agree to be his faerie-vamp wife. She takes some time to think about it and even asks Bill’s advice. Of course, Bill encourages her to go ahead with it, staying on course with his agenda. When Sookie decides to accept Warlow’s proposal, she stops by her parents’ grave and gives them a big ol’ eff you by saying she’d rather be Warlow’s wife than waste any more time crying over them. I’m sure that being rejected by Sam also pushed her toward Warlow. She confided in Sam that she may be able to get rid of her supernatural life, be normal, and be with him. Sookie always thought they’d end up together. Sam lets her know about Nicole and adds that Sookie could have spoken up sooner. She’s always known how Sam really felt for her but she kept picking the bad boys over the nice guy.

So that wraps your True Blood recap for the week. What did you think about “Dead Meat”? Will Sookie go through with her marriage to Warlow if he survives the attack by Eric? What exactly was Eric up to with feasting on a faerie? Will the vamps be saved or will at least one of them meet the sun? Will Sarah Newlin survive and go on to develop a new line of shoe weapons? Is the next great bromance Alcide and Sam? How will Nicole react to the news that she’s with child? And will we ever learn Nicole’s mom’s name?

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