True Blood/Heroes Actor Cast on TVD

Just a short while ago, Dawn Oliveri (most recently Janice Herveaux on True Blood, and previously on Heroes), tweeted this:

@itsDAWNolivieri Vampire Diaries…my new character “Andie Star”.. you are not going to want to miss thissss one;)

Within minutes, The Vault posted this news:

Dawn is playing a local newscaster for Mystic Falls named Andie Star.

“It looks like I will be spicing things up shall we say”, she tells The Vault. Andie is recurring in an undisclosed succession of episodes at this point in time.

This casting news comes as every TVD fan on the planet is anxiously awaiting who will be selected as the lucky man to portray the baddest of the bad, Klaus.

One thought on “True Blood/Heroes Actor Cast on TVD

  1. Love the new characters but i hope they all have a valid role in the show and don’t just bring in loads of people for the sake of it. I don’t want people to be put off by that like i know some people did with all the additional vampires that kept popping up last season.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how she is going to ‘spice things up’!

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