Travelers Preview: 11:27

On the next new Travelers, “11:27,” the team tables the larger threat against them in favor of a semi-textbook tandem mission involving the Traveler now walking around as Senator Bishop (Gerard Plunkett from The Romeo Section).

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Travelers 11:27

Trevor befriends Abigail Paris (Bates Motel‘s Paloma Kwiatkowski), an ambitious hacker who’s eager to make a difference in Bishop’s key cause of legislation against genetically modified crops. Philip is pulled in as second position while balancing his dependencies on Jenny (The Romeo Section‘s Stephanie Bennett) and her drops.

Travelers 11:27

Marcy fumbles toward a normalcy that doesn’t include David. Lee Majdoub, currently appearing as Silas on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, is the familiar face playing Dr. Barker.

Grant and Kathryn face a challenge with their baby, but they’re at least closer to middle ground in their marriage. Carly’s new normal is equally taxing, but she’s trying.

Travelers 11:27

It’s pretty straightforward case of the week that also takes a closer look at what each of the Travelers are trading off in free will by actively participating in the lives of their hosts in the 21st. That immediately elevates the hour, which is what we expect from the show.

Travelers 11:27

There’s also a killer rooftop view of Vancouver thrown in, which we’ve seen from a handful of Vancouver-based shows. I’ve been lucky enough to stand there, so I can totally vouch that it really is that gorgeous and calming.

Travelers 11:27

Amanda Tapping, who we saw onscreen in the season premiere, directs a script by series story editors Ashley Park & Pat Smith.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase. You can catch up on the first three episodes of this season on Showcase’s website. Season 1 is running now in the U.S. on Netflix, with Season 2 arriving on 12/26. Here’s a sneak peek of “11:27.”

Photos Courtesy of Jeff Weddell/Showcase; Video Courtesy of Showcase

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