The Romeo Section Season Finale Preview: A String of Pearls

The Romeo Section wraps up its freshman season Wednesday night with an episode that lays the groundwork if we’re going to get a second year. It’s also a very satisfying conclusion that gives us some closure on the arcs so far this season, even coming full circle — to a degree — on Wolfgang’s original quest.

There’s a tantalizing mix of deals sealed and truths revealed that pays off for the folks who’ve followed the journey. Da Vinci’s Inquest fans get a special treat with appearances from Donnelly Rhodes and Chris Britton. I adore Rhodes and loved seeing him again after he’s been away for a little bit. I’ve missed him. If he’d been onscreen with Ian Tracey, my heart couldn’t have handled it.

Here’s what to expect from “A String of Pearls.”

  • Wolfgang takes off the kids gloves with Rufus in a terrifying confrontation that shows Rufus exactly how much power he doesn’t have over his own path.
  • Fergie helps Wolfgang set up that discussion.
  • Wolfgang and Lily clear the air about who they are and what they’re doing with each other, and then request significant favors.
  • The General makes new acquaintances and brokers a potential future deal.
  • Dee strong arms her lawyer and faces the police about Vince’s death.
  • Vince’s murder of Rick complicates things for Rufus and Dee.
  • Wing Lei negotiates with Tony.
  • Eva and Miguel come to an understanding, and he gambles with her loyalty in a last-ditch effort to save his own life.

The Romeo Section airs at 9 e/p on The CBC. No word yet on a second season, but I really do hope there is one. Thank you so much for reading!




Photos and Videos Courtesy of The CBC.

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