The Romeo Section Preview: West Ocean Ghost

Are you hooked yet? Now that we’ve been formally introduced to our core characters of The Romeo Section, this week’s episode, “West Ocean Ghost,” dives a little deeper into their various relationships.

It’s an hour full of important developments that help fill in some blanks, and set the stage for the longer arcs we discussed with Chris Haddock and Andrew Airlie. I am fully into the vibe and energy of the show. With this episode, it felt like coming home to everything I loved and have missed about Da Vinci’s Inquest and Intelligence. So, so glad it’s here.

No spoilers for the episode, but we can tease you with a few things to look for Wednesday night:

  • Rufus parcels out what he wants Wolfgang to know while he deals with Vince’s leftover trouble.
  • Dee explores her options.
  • Wing Lei evaluates new partnerships.
  • Wolfgang responds to lingering Hong Kong inquiries.
  • Eva learns the ropes.
  • Lily and Wolfgang take their friendship outside of work.

Sanctuary‘s Agam Darshi and Haddock alum Chris Britton guest star.

The Romeo Section airs at 9 e/p Wednesday nights on the CBC. Here are a few sneak peeks (language NSFW) of Episode 3.




Photos and Videos Courtesy of the CBC.

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