The League Soundtrack is Now Available!

Well tickle me and rub my belly … the countdown to Season 6 of The League just got really exciting with today’s release of their official soundtrack!

The soundtrack, available on iTunes, features original music by Taco himself, Jon Lajoie, and his castmates Nick Kroll, Mark Duplass, and Stephen Rannazzisi, plus some special guest stars.

Check out the full track listing:

  1. Birthday Song – Jon Lajoie
  2. Eskimo Brothers – Jon Lajoie
  3. Shiva Bowl Shuffle – Nick Kroll, Maurice Jones Drew, Brent Grimes & Sidney Rice
  4. Anchor Baby – Jon Lajoie
  5. Legalize Kevin’s Pubic Smoke – Jon Lajoie
  6. Do The Vinegar Strokes – Jon Lajoie
  7. Vaginal Hubris – Jon Lajoie
  8. Fear Boner – Jon Lajoie
  9. Pete’s Tiny Erect Dick – Jon Lajoie featuring Nick Kroll, Mark Duplass & Stephen Rannazzisi
  10. Ghost Money – Jon Lajoie
  11. I’m Inside Me – Jon LaJoie featuring Chad Ochocinco
  12. Mr. McGibblets Theme Song – Jon Lajoie
  13. My Naginta – Jon Lajoie
  14. Krampus Carol – Jon Lajoie
  15. Yobagoya – Jon Lajoie
  16. You’re the Ruxin – The League Choir: Bobette Jamison-Harrison, Alexandra Brown, Adam Jackson, Alfie Silas, Lamont Vanhook & Oren Waters
  17. The League Theme – Jeff Cardoni featuring Patrick Houlihan & Jules Larson

Season 6 of The League premieres Wednesday, September 3rd at 10 PM ET/PT on FXX.

Photo Courtesy of FXX

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