The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco Preview “Not Cricket”

The Bletchley Circle begins a new two-part mystery tonight on CityTV with episode 5 of the first season, “Not Cricket.”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

A quiet evening at home for Millie and Jean becomes something else entirely after a man shows up on their doorstep following a beating and yelling for Millie’s cousin, Edward.

They pull Iris and Hailey into the mix and they work together to decipher a code found in the mystery man’s personal belongings. Separately, Iris and Hailey work on a side project that’s a throwback to their war days. Hailey also struggles with her would-be poet, definitely-slacker roommates and sets out to make a change.

Millie has an outing with Bill Bryce and tests him against what she’s been warned about the trustworthiness of San Francisco police offers. When she finally gets to the truth with Edward, she reveals something about herself in the process.

The episode moves the story forward for Millie and Jean as they try to settle into their new home city. With her husband’s latest deployment, Iris looks at what she can do on her own. And Hailey gets a dose of gumption to push back against her living arrangements.

It’s another very good hour, directed by Alexandra La Roche (The Flash) and written script by showrunner Michael MacLennan (Bomb Girls and This Life).

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco airs at 8pm ET Fridays on CityTV.

The first four episodes are available online now at the network’s website and through your cable provider sign-in. The entire season is streaming on BritBox in the US. In case you missed it, our series preview is here.

Photos courtesy of BritBox

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