Tests, Triangles & A Smarter Succubus – Anna Silk on Season 2 of Lost Girl

At last week’s Shaw TV Upfront Presentation in Toronto, I was lucky enough to catch up with the woman behind our favourite succubus, Bo – Lost Girl star Anna Silk. We chatted about what’s in store for Season 2, the pickup by Syfy in the US, and the international love for the series.

Bo was thrown quite a curve at the end of the first season in learning about her mother. How is this going to affect your character in Season 2?

Well, I think that what I love about Season 2 is that Bo is stronger and smarter, and learned a lot from her journey in Season 1. I think that she’s learned that she can’t be quite so rebellious all the time and has to be a bit smarter in the world she’s in. She’s a little bit more of a protector than the protected, and is starting to come into her own as this very powerful creature.

Knowing that Bo’s origins are in the Dark Court, will that come into play? Both the Light and Dark Fae were already in a way fighting to win her over. Do you think the Dark Fae will try to claim that Bo belongs to them?

The Fae in general want Bo to align herself with one side or the other. I don’t want to comment too much on what Bo does … we’re filming the third episode of our season now and every time I get the next episode – what I love this season, too, is that we’re shooting in order which is really nice – so it unfolds for me the same way that it unfolds for the audience. Bo will just have to be smarter.

Can we expect the triangle with Dyson and Lauren to continue through Season 2l?

It definitely continues, and it’s a very misshapen triangle at this point. Bo does have two lovers, and you’ll see more about that in Season 2, those relationships get explored further. It’s pretty exciting.

US viewers finally get to see Lost Girl later this year. How excited are you about this?

I’m thrilled. We were all on set the day that we found out it got picked up by Syfy and we were all really excited. It’s great … I think it opens the show up to a broader audience in terms of numbers and in terms of the loyal fanbase. I hope it resonates with people in the US … I think it will.

There’s definitely a global interest in Lost Girl. I know people from all over the world have contacted me to see if I know when it’s coming to their country.

I’ve gotten fan letters from Europe. And on Twitter, people write from everywhere. The day right before our season finale last year, we did a Twitter campaign where each character tweeted for a day. The day I tweeted, I counted over 30 different countries, and it was thrilling.

Without revealing anything, what thoughts would you like to leave us with on Season 2?

What’s exciting is that Bo will be tested in a new way this season. She will explore her relationships further. She will question her loyalties. I really think that the writers have done an amazing job in taking where we left off in Season 1 and taking it to the next level. Each script is really rich in new creatures and exploring the mythology further, and seeing Bo’s journey along with her makeshift family.

Season 2 of Lost Girl starts September 4th, 2011 on Showcase in Canada.

Photo by Melissa Girimonte – Copyright © 2011 TheTelevixen.com

5 thoughts on “Tests, Triangles & A Smarter Succubus – Anna Silk on Season 2 of Lost Girl

  1. Great interview !!! thanks !! Anna is so great and so cute, and all the Lost Girl team rock !! I’m very impatient to discover the new season! Maybe soon in France ? I hope !!
    Big kisses to all the team :))

  2. I’m a big fan and am thrilled SyFy picked up the show. I’m sure Americans will soon see that we as Canadians can create a great show filled with fun, suspence and drama. All of which is attributed by great writing and acting. I wish the cast and crew continued success for many years to come.

  3. Great Interview! Thrilled the cast is active on Twitter and so open/friendly with the fans! AwesomeSauce Lost Girl #Fandom world-wide!!! Thank-you ShowCase for helping promote this Canadian Gem! Glad to see it shine!

  4. i love this series! its soo awesome, kenzie is so funny, the romance is great the storieline is awesome. cant wait! and im glad that canadians finally made a show worth watching 🙂 (im canadian)

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