Teen Wolf: Time of Death

OK. Did anybody else get to the end of this episode and think of Little Red Riding Hood or was that just me?

So, Scott spends the episode in induced catatonia so the Scoobies can flush out the Benefactor. They announce that Scott’s dead, and deny the ability to document it and sit back and wait to see who comes calling.

When it’s Kate and her Bersekers, Papa Argent and Stiles have to let her in on the ruse and she stands down. She also reports back to Peter that he guessed right. But they’re both claiming they’re not the Benefactor.

Melissa Ponzio wins all the awards for the mother of all wails that Mama McCall breaks out with when Liam’s step-dad pronounces Scott dead (even though she knows he’s OK, but she tells the team it’s genuinely frightening to see her son on a slab in the morgue). Then she finds an ally in Kira’s mom, who tells her it’s better that their kids fight instead of run.

The Bersekers make a run at Liam and Kira but they get out OK; Kira’s mom is badly hurt so by episode’s end, she’s shipped out of town and Kira goes with her.

Lydia is sidelined at grandma’s house until her mom tracks her down and we learn that grandma was a banshee. She also built her house out of mountain ash. When the urn is full of the mountain ash, too, Lydia asks her mom a very good question–is she sure grandma is dead? Her mom answers, “pretty sure.” And that gives us the possible flag that grandma could be the Benefactor (hence my leap to Red Riding Hood’s grandma turning things around on the wolf).

If that’s true, that will be a wickedly convoluted turn. I don’t think we’d heard before, either, that Lydia’s grandma was at Eichen House. That’s revealed when Lydia asks her mom if she knew Meredith by showing her the picture, and her mom immediately knows her name. It’s unclear whether this grandma is her mom’s mom or her dad’s mom. I’m intrigued at the little morsels that are being doled out about Lydia’s family. I’d love to know if that was always planned or they’ve been written in to fit the arc. I like seeing Lydia and her mom together, too.

Wile in his sleep state, Scott keeps revisiting a scene at the school with the Mute Man and Liam where he seems to lose the ability to be the good guy, which I’m guessing is triggered by his chat with his dad–who’s finally figured out he and Scott need to talk about what everybody’s not talking about. Scott asks him about the shooting, and having to kill someone, and his dad tells him it wasn’t the first time.

Over at the loft, Derek and Braeden heat things up when she calls him out that he’s not healing. She offers to teach him about guns since he needs a human defense system. When he kisses her to distract her after she repeatedly disarms him, they laugh it off and then kiss for real. He scoops her off the floor and sets her down on his desk and they aren’t thinking about guns anymore.  Later, as Braeden sleeps, Derek slips out of bed to evaluate the weapons cache and takes it in that this may be his new normal.

Malia goes to see Peter and he tells her he has a lead on her mom. I assumed her mom was her mom, but apparently she was adopted out to her parents. She tells Peter plainly he’s a murderer and he rationalizes it that he had a lot of time to be angry and homicidal when he was in his fugue state after the fire. He tips his hand that her mother was known as the Desert Wolf and she says “coyote.”

She goes to give the list back to Stiles and tells him that she saw Peter but she doesn’t stay. Hopefully, they’ll work it out. I’ve said before, I like her light, and I don’t want them to twist her. We did get one little flashback that told the truth about how Stiles came to be the small spoon–it wasn’t domination or submission–it was just comfortable, and very, very sweet. Stiles also has a cute moment with Kira and Liam when they take off for battle and he tells them to come straight back to him when they’re done before he mutters, “kids.”

Only four left! Here are a couple of sneak peeks of “Perishable,” which airs Monday.



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