Teen Wolf: The Last Chimera

Remember last week when I said I was clueless? Yeah, still that. And I definitely wish Teen Wolf had kept its Monday slot.

Here’s what I think happened:

Lydia’s still being lobotomized (or something) by Valack (who talked her overwrought and furious mother into releasing her to him) during a period of time that’s ahead (by days/hours/weeks, we are not told) of the rest of the action, which takes place immediately in the timeline following the finale.

The Sheriff is on death’s door for reasons nobody can fathom, so a still-estranged Scott and Stiles and maybe-ex-girlfriend Malia go looking for the chimera who attacked him and realize he’s still got a bone shard inside him. Once that’s removed, he starts to heal. After the kid helps them, The Dread Doctors kill him.

Papa Argent comes in to save the day (thanks to a call from Scott). It’s a kickass scene that’s tamped a bit because JR Bourne’s name is in the credits but he’s not onscreen until the final few minutes. I sometimes wish they’d sneak people in, but I understand from a business standpoint why they do not. Either way, happy to see him.

Fairly simple, right? But that is dragged out for the whole episode, and NOBODY HUGS STILES.

Liam is sure that Hayden died, but when he and Mason (who is hilariously horrified when Liam rips a map page from a book at the library) head out to the woods to find the Nemeton, she shows up with the cops in tow, and she’s working with Theo for some mystery reason.

Parrish is having visions of Lydia, but he can’t find her. When he finally tracks her to Eichen, he walks (naked and on fire, per usual) right into a trap laid by Theo and his reanimated Chimera Corps, and he gets a name — it turns out he’s a Hell Hound. And maybe the last chimera? Not totally 100% there.

We also learn that Theo is even more vile than we thought and that he essentially murdered his sister via hypothermia so he could harvest her heart for the Dread Doctors to make him a chimera.

Liam has the guilts over his throw down with Scott, but they don’t discuss it. Scott and Stiles don’t yet work through their own drama of mistrust and secrets and lies, either. Malia’s keeping her own secrets about what she’s been up to (again, timeline questions). Scott offers her a shoulder if she needs someone to talk to, but she declines.

Can we please apologize, resolve, and move past all the things unsaid? I really do not want Scott and Stiles to be estranged for the entire back half of five. I keep saying it, but they’re the OTP here, show. They have been friends every day for 17 years through extraordinary circumstances Don’t f-ck it up.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesday at 9 pm e/8 c on MTV in the U.S and 9 pm e/6 c on MTV in Canada. Tomorrow night, we get a blast from the past. Here’s a sneak peek (spoilers!).



Photo and Videos Courtesy of MTV.

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