Teen Wolf Season 5B Premiere Preview

Hey, so Teen Wolf is back this week. Who knew? Not me, until this past Thursday. Whoops. And they’re moving to Tuesday, which in theory I do not love, but I’ll take a winter season any day of the week, because I do recall loving the hell out of 3B’s winter run, even though that finale broke us and the Internet.

We’re picking up after a supreme WTF finale, which I didn’t get around to recapping because I genuinely wasn’t sure I could clearly articulate what had just transpired. The gist is that everybody was left in a dire way — and Scott and Stiles were broken up because Theo lied and Scott didn’t ask the right question of Stiles (and boys are dumb). Theo unleashed his master plan, which apparently boiled down to defeating Scott and taking control of his Pack. It seems like A LOT of effort, misdirection, and redirection were expended for something so straightforward, but OK. Theo also reanimated Parrish’s collection of Dread Doctors castoffs, which, ewwww.

Here’s the formal logline for the 5B premiere: In spite of their deep rift, Scott and Stiles must figure out what’s behind the mysterious infection that’s killing the town sheriff (aka Papa Stiles).

“The Last Chimera” premieres Tuesday at 9 pm e/8 c on MTV in the U.S and 9 pm e/6 c on MTV in Canada. MTV in the U.S. is also marathoning 5A beginning at 11 am e/10 c Tuesday morning.

Here’s a sneak peek of 5B, and the opening scene of the winter premiere. Get ready!



Photo and Videos Courtesy of MTV.

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