Teen Wolf: ‘Required Reading’ and ‘Strange Frequencies’

The lovely and talented Tyler Posey took over hosting duties this season on Wolf Watch, the chat show that follows Teen Wolf, and after last week’s episode, he kicked off his show with “Well, that was bloody disgusting.” He’s not wrong.

The gang is in fairly dire straits for most of the episode, and then it resets, with no rhyme or reason as to why. So, yep, we’re still well entrenched in the WTFery of Season 5. I’ll do my very best to tell you what I *think* happened. Please do hit me in the comments if I bif anything.

In “Required Reading,” Lydia makes (actual paper!!) copies of the Dread Doctors paperback and disperses them to everyone for assigned reading, with the hope/fear that maybe they’ll successfully unlock something to help defeat the Doctors. Pretty quickly, she is plagued by visions of some sort of surgery, which escalates to her recalling her grandmother’s suicide at Eichen. She also has time to start training with Parrish, and they get a little handsy but nothing happens.

Kira confides to Mason that she’s actually physically unable to read the book, and he tells her that’s the fox fighting her, that it’s an old trick and humans were always tested as not Kitsune when they could prove they didn’t get tripped up in language. She’s also sleep-talking in Japanese, which Theo records and plays for Scott. Scott admits he’s not sure if he can trust her anymore (WHY he’s telling Theo is beyond me).

Kira’s mom is worried — and intuitive enough — that she realizes something is up and confronts her, and Kira’s fox takes over and nearly kills her. Next stop: acupuncture to realign her two selves.

The involuntary recall affects Scott by spinning him into asthma attacks, and Liam gets points with Hayden when he races to help and saves Scott’s life. He has another attack later at the hospital when he, his mom, and Malia are looking for more clues, and his mom jams him with a pen that saves his life again.

Stiles is stuck tracking a phantom version of his mother at the very end of her illness when he remembers that she was afraid of him. Then he winds up on the roof and it’s Theo who saves his life from another of the Doctor’s experiments. Theo asks Stiles not to tell Scott he killed the kid, and blackmails him about Donovan’s death, which he’s still hiding, but Theo witnessed.

Malia also confides in Theo not to tell Scott about their incident in the road (because whyyy??).

In “Strange Frequencies,” we find out Hayden is another experiment, which she didn’t know — after learning the previous week she’d had a kidney transplant in junior high and she’s working to pay for the prescription anti-rejection drugs. Liam and crew secure her in the high school and he realizes she’s actually the bait for the Doctors. They come, as expected, and circumvent the frequency devices Parrish stole from the PD and successfully kidnap Liam and Hayden and have her on a table and him on the floor as the episode ends.

Before that, the crew is subjected to terrible, violent nightmarish deaths that are suddenly undone as soon as the Doctors have what they came for.

The exception there seems to be that Theo and Stiles, who keep watch at the clinic for the body snatcher, are seemingly jumped by Parrish (or someone walking around looking like him), but they survive the Jeep being flipped over and set on fire, and Theo pulls Stiles clear.

Melissa and the Sheriff put it together that all of the experiments had skin graft surgeries at some point, so they’ve narrowed down the how, but not the what and why of them being on the Doctors’ radar.

Also in there — Parrish hallucinated a hookup with Lydia before he was “killed,” so the Doctors are tapping into some kind of subconscious fears. That’s also why I don’t know whether it was actually him who showed up at the clinic when he had just been parked outside the school as the lookout for the Doctors.

Melissa goes home and finds a dead girl on her kitchen table, stabbed through with what really looks like Kira’s sword, but then I also mistook the girl for Kira because the cinematography there was hella dark.

I have ZERO clue what we’re doing here. And I’m still mindful that this is all a flashback to something future, so I’m glad somebody has a general idea of what it all means.

The things that bug me/I want to see sorted:

  • What is Theo’s end game?
  • Why is Malia keeping her investigation of the Desert Wolf secret?
  • Why is Stiles afraid to tell Scott what happened with Donovan?
  • Is something the Doctors are doing affecting Kira’s self-control?
  • Where the hell did Deaton bugger off to for research that we’ve not had him back yet?
  • What do the Doctors want with the Pack?

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV in the US and 10/7p on MTV Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of Monday’s new episode.

Photo and Video Courtesy of MTV

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