Teen Wolf: Perishable

So, Meredith is the Benefactor. I think. They may still pull the rug out from under us on that. The suggestion that she is was the final moment reveal last week as Stiles and Lydia found themselves at the mercy of the unhinged Brunski, who was apparently Meredith’s henchman–killing people at Eichen House, including Lydia’s grandma.

We get a backstory (longer than necessary so there may be more to that) that Lydia’s grandma foresaw her partner’s death but was powerless to stop it and that sent her off on a supernatural goose chase. One of her guinea pigs was Meredith–so we can assume that turned Meredith into a killer. The question becomes whether she’s been as “off” this whole time or just pretending or whether we’re looking at multiple personalities.

Separately, Parrish is immolated by a fellow cop and then walks back into the station unscathed to issue a beat down on the guy. The gang takes him to Derek and Derek doesn’t know what he is, but they helpfully, and hilariously, loop Parrish in on what they all are–and that Lydia is not a psychic.

Stiles borrows money from the stash for his dad after his dad is shot and hospitalized, so he and Scott are going to have to discuss that.

Liam is plagued by his printer spitting out the same Benefactor list over and over again, updated with new names.

At the school, a pre-season bonfire turns deadly when the DJ is another Benefactor groupie who amps up the frequency to drop Liam, Malia, and Scott at one time. While they’re incapacitated, more henchman pull them into the school and douse them with gasoline. Thankfully Derek and Braeden show up, and Liam’s BFF Mason kills the music, so they get away.

At Eichen House, Lydia and Stiles want access to patient files and that puts them in a room with Brunski. They’ve been led there by unlocking the last cipher list and finding it full of names of dead patients. By the time they realize they’re in deep sh!t–Brunski has a mix tape–he knocks them out and ties them up.

Then he gets really twisted as he plays back the tape of Lydia’s grandma’s death where she begs him not to hurt Ariel–her code name for Lydia. Stiles is screaming at her to listen to his voice and not the tape. Thankfully Parrish, who’s been doing his own digging, shows up and shoots Brusnki as Meredith does her mwa ha ha reveal.

So glad they keep pairing Stiles and Lydia as partners and that they have stayed friends now that they’re past him pining for her. Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden are so good together. It was also nice to see Scott talk to Malia one-on-one, too. He’s still her Alpha, in a way, so maybe she’ll listen to him and not be so lost about being a Hale.

There was a lot going on, in an all hands on deck sort of way, and that leads us to tonight, as Teen Wolf gets a special slot at 7/6 c ahead of the VMAs on MTV in the US and Canada. We have three episodes left to unravel everything. Here’s a sneak peek at “Monstrous.”

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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