Teen Wolf: Ouroboros

So, thankfully Liam and Hayden spend only one episode on the captivity of the Dread Doctors, and then it’s Theo, with an assist from a brain-tapping Scott and Lydia’s memory of what Parrish told her, that gets them back home.

While that’s going on, Kira realizes she can’t control whatever it is that’s happening to her, and she remembers that was actually pulled out of her car by the Dread Doctors during that season premiere storm, and in a terrifying attack, they altered her. After her dad confesses to the woman on Melissa’s kitchen table as a misdirect that can’t be proven out, her parents take her out of town. Scott’s still unsure what exactly happened, and I’m not sure whether we’re supposed to believe she did it or not.

Stiles is still a ball of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and when there’s evidence he was in the library close to the mystery 911 call, he lies to his dad that he lost his library card — which we see him throw away and get a sneaky clue to his first name. This still confuses me — why can’t Stiles talk about Donovan’s death?

The sheriff is otherwise engaged — dealing with a pissed off Melissa when he won’t keep the girl’s death on the down low, and keeping watch over the body of the dead girl (with a hilariously overkill deployment of deputies) in the hospital morgue. That’s all well and good until Parrish orchestrates a sprinkler system overload that allows him to walk right out with the body. He leaves behind his scorched nametag, so now they know, and Lydia says she knows where he’s going.

We don’t get any additional answers on what exactly all the Dread Doctors experiments are about, and Theo’s actions are clearly playing both ends against the middle but we don’t know why. Who is he serving?

It was sweet that Mason stepped up, agreeing to help Scott and Malia search the tunnels for his BFF, and they somehow all walk right by the actual lair, marked with the titular ouroboros. And Liam and Hayden moved closer to being a thing, making with the smoochies after their rescue, ostensibly so he could take her pain away, but we know better.

We also finally pick up with Deaton, who discovers the Dread Doctors’ earlier lair of horrors and has a close encounter with the Desert Wolf, whose reveal was kind of ruined by the press release ahead of time about the casting of Marisol Nichols. She only has a couple of lines, but the net-net is she wants to kill Malia.

I *think* we’re already at the summer finale next week (noooooo!) and we still have a lot to sort through, so I’m not sure what state they will leave us in next week (bastards). I’m looking forward to a winter cycle again, though, if that’s the plan. I really liked the one we had two seasons ago. It works as a winter show.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV in the US and 10/7p on MTV Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode, “Lies of Omission.”

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