Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good

I’m perfectly comfortable admitting when I don’t know what the hell is going on, and there are a couple of tangents on Teen Wolf that I’m not 100% clear on.

First up, though, Allison, Scott, and Stiles get their mojo back–each through the intervention of others.

Allison is still having nasty visions of Kate and she’s forced to man up when she’s armed with a tranq to help save the werecoyote (Malia, who apparently just is and is the one who transformed causing her mother’s car accident, so not a bite victim, as far as we know). She keeps having focus issues and near misses until Issac talks her down and she manages to land a shot in Malia’s dad, who’s about to kill her, but misses the second shot intended to drop Malia.

Scott gets the snot beaten out of him by the Scavos, who do their darndest to induce an alpha state but they only succeed in leaving him bruised and bloody (and yet magically healed in the scene that follows). After a hilarious conversation at the clinic where Stiles calls out Scott for performance anxiety, he finally comes through when it counts.

Isaac gets dropped by an animal trap set by Malia’s dad and goes down, half wolfing out from the pain, and the jolt of that knocks Scott of his bike. He chases Malia through the woods and once he catches up with her, finally fully transformed, he howls her down to make her turn back into a now teenage girl (The Secret Circle‘s Shelley Henning).

Stiles keeps having his meltdowns where he can’t read but when Lydia steps in another one of the animal traps and he’s forced to read the instructions to disarm it. When he can’t, Lydia talks him into still being able to function and he trips it and she safely leaps into his arms. Post-drama, he gets the funny moment afterward when Scott’s howl resonates through the woods and he breaks into a huge grin as he says “Now, that’s what I’m talking about!”

Stiles and Scott loop the Sheriff to Malia being the werecoyote and that gets complicated when she comes to the school in search of her sister’s doll, which Stiles took to help Scott track her, and stalks Kira, and Malia’s dad gets wind that the predator who may have killed his daughter is loose. In the end, Malia and her dad have a heartfelt reunion when the Sheriff brings her home. As Stiles looks on from the truck, he realizes he can read the “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” warning, which I’m sure means something on a meta scale, too.

The two things I didn’t get are that the gal who saved Isaac back in the summer premiere comes to rescue Peter and Derek at the behest of Deucalian and then they’re on the trail of some sort of artifact that’s wereproofed–no clue what that means. Also, somebody unseen pulls a new growth shoot out of the big bad tree from the finale, and fireflies spring forth and scatter. So, that’s going on.

Elsewhere, Kira gets to nerd out when she tries to share homework research she really didn’t have to do with Scott and her dad helpfully hands her the printouts she left at home “for that boy she likes” in front of Scott. It’s cute and Scott isn’t a jerk about it.

And that sets us up for tonight. Here’s a sneak peek of “Galvanize.”

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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