Teen Wolf: Ice Pick and Abomination

It’s a weird phenomenon that I seem to forget about Teen Wolf every week until about a half hour before it starts and then it’s a lovely Monday surprise. No clue what’s up with that.

So, we’re four episodes into the season as the newbie creature is out stalking prey and Derek is building a pack of werewolves out of high school misfits, which now includes epileptic Erica and loner Boyd, because he’s a) just that desperate for a family or b) confused about what it means to be an Alpha. Take your pick.

Allison and Scott are still hot and heavy and on the down low, which is hilariously taking its toll on Stiles, who painstakingly recounts their messages to each other, even the “I love you’s” and then things go rapidly downhill when he brings up a bestiary as a guide to ghouls and goblins and both of them try to correct him that the proper term is bestiality. This is good for at least two or three rewind, replay, and fall over laughing moments. Also hysterical is him making the point that plenty of criminals, cheaters, secret keepers, etc. have survived using burner phones.

GPA is working too hard at being the doddering old grandpa-slash high school principal until Allison doesn’t respond quickly enough with a “yes” on his life lesson about trust and he barks at her, giving her an inkling he may actually be dangerous. This doesn’t stop her from later stealing his keys and handing them off to Stiles. Then she and GPA watch Scott play lacrosse and break and heal his leg on the field and the jig’s almost up.

GPA takes Scott home for dinner and watches everybody squirm. Scott and Allison retreat upstairs looking for the bestiary until they realize it’s on a USB drive with grandpa’s keys, so he’s not so old school after all. And just when you think the coast is clear, GPA shows up at the hospital where Scott’s waiting for his mom and drives a knife deep into him to make his point that he knows who and what Scott is and now he’s indebted because his life has been spared. Yay? Prior to that, Allison’s mom has also ferreted out that Scott and Allison are still together after a visit to Scott’s mom (in the ER after she cuts her own arm) tells her Scott’s not as morose as a jilted high school boy ought to be.

Derek and Stiles end up waiting out the mystery beastie (which we later find out from Derek is a Kanima) in the pool when Derek is paralyzed from its scratch and the beastie seems afraid of the water. Scott swoops in and saves them and now they’re all looped that there’s a new shapeshifter in town. All signs point toward Lydia because the thing gets antsy about its reflection and Lydia wakes up to a shattered mirror, bloody bed, and a horrified mom. I think that’s a misdirect and that it’s probably Jackson, who’s discovered missing time on his self-surveillance, but that’s just me. Side note: Stiles escapes an attack from the Kanima twice, for whatever that’s worth.

We also found out that the vet and Scott are on the same page about what Scott is, but we don’t have all his backstory yet. He gets pulled into helping the Argents ID the Kanima’s handiwork, after one of their henchman is killed by it. This is after said henchman helps Papa Argent faux kidnap Allison to begin her training as a future werewolf hunter leader. The Argents? All kinds of messed up.

And that brings us to tonight. “Venomous” premieres on MTV at 10 pm ET/9 pm CT in the US and on MuchMusic in Canada at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. If you need a refresher, or if you missed one, you can catch all of this season’s previous episodes on both websites.

Photo Courtesy of MTV

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