Teen Wolf: I.E.D.

So happy the Teen Wolf PTB recognize their audience because, as you know, I was full of “huh?” after last week’s episode, and this week’s episode provided a lot of super-helpful exposition for Sheriff Stilinksi (and me).

The boys break down the dead pool for him, and in the process explain that there are two more lists. The Sheriff helpfully queries whether they’re looking at Beacon Hills vs. Beacon County, which is a potentially exponential pool of victims.

Meanwhile, Liam is about to face his old teammates in a scrimmage match and he’s not yet down with managing his anger. We also visit our assassins, and learn they’re targeting Liam during the game. So, the gang has a lot to be on the lookout for.

Lydia can’t get the Banshee hotline to work, and she inadvertently summons Meredith, who walks 15 miles from Eichen House into town and drops a four-digit phone number on them. It takes Malia to put her math skills to work and suggest that they’re phone letters (code word: Aiden), and voila, the second list is unlocked.

Liam dodges the assassination attempt by Garrett, and in the process, his former teammate, Brett, goes down and we find out he’s a werewolf, too. Before Violet can lariat him later, Scott arrives and knocks her out.

Underneath the high school, Chris and Derek come to a meeting of the minds about what to do with Kate after Derek discloses that she’s slowly deactivating his powers. Chris is also visited by the Mexican hunters who are a) looking for Braden and b) want to make sure he’ll do what has to be done when he finds Kate.

We’re already at six! But good news out of SDCC this weekend — the just-greenlit fifth season will bounce back to 20 episodes.YAY!

It still feels like we have A LOT of people on the board, but as long as our people stay front and center I’m good. I don’t like the spidey sense I have of a potential framing for a spin-off or next-gen type scenario but I’m also wildly distrustful of network brass, so there’s that.

Loved the scene with Derek and Liam in the locker room as Derek essentially gave Liam a sniff test and confirmed, yep, he’s angry. And it was super cute that he was a proud papa of Scott’s Alpha management skills. I’m curious about how the fact that Liam has been medicated with antipsychotics (he’s the IED of the title, for Intermittent Explosive Disorder) will play into things. I’d lay odds he goes back on the meds to maintain an even keel.

Teen Wolf airs tonight on MTV in the US and Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up for the rest of the season.

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