Teen Wolf: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

It’s rare that I’ll watch a show and be completely clueless so I have to give it up that I did not see Teen Wolf‘s big reveal of our mystery Druid as Ms. Blake coming. AT ALL. I figured, if anything, she was wolf bait. We also put a name to Lydia–she’s a siren. Congratulations?

We begin with one of the Sheriff’s deputies, with whom Stiles was also friendly, killed at the school after she has an episode of seeing her death beforehand. As the school reels from the murders, Ms. Blake decides to organize a memorial choral recital that conveniently puts everybody in one place. Before that, the gang realized figures out they’re at the “philosopher” category of victims.

Allison works with Isaac to figure out her dad’s map, and she’s almost 100% sure her dad is the Druid until she and Isaac find the potential next victim at the same time her dad shows up to intervene. Awkward.

The Scavos throw down about their love lives and Danny’s Scavo stands up to his brother that he will keep Danny safe even though his brother is threatening all sorts of harm. He also comes clean to the Scoobies about how they came to be with Deucalion.

Stiles finally confesses everything to his Dad but Cora’s a useless show-and-tell tool because her injury from the Scavos seems not to be healing and she collapses instead of morphing on command. Later at the hospital, it’s apparent to Stiles that his dad doesn’t believe him so he levels him by telling him that his mom would have believed.

Derek returns and has a sweet (and not un-hot) reunion with Ms. Blake and then he goes to sit with Cora in the hospital. She asks what’s happening to her and he doesn’t know.

At the school, Lydia has the fugue episode that IDs the kidnapped teacher (who’s later found by the Argents/Isaac) and then she’s lured by a text message seemingly sent by her Scavo, but when she leaves the concert she finds herself alone in a room with Ms. Blake and a very large knife. Blake ties her up and does the usual mwah-ha-ha thing and then Lydia lets out the mother of all screams that breaks up the mass hypnosis happening over in the auditorium.

Scott and Sheriff Stilinksi arrive just in time to save Lydia from Blake as she morphs into the Darach. Stilinski tells her what he knows about her (thanks to Mama McCall sharing autopsy files)–that she was mysteriously injured in the woods decades ago, yet here she is now, not a day older. He shoots her and she heals, but before he and Scott can close in on her, she gets away.

So there were diggable developments all over the place. Love that!

I like that the Argents have now been outed to each other and can get back to working together.

I want to see what happens when Papa Stilinksi and Mama McCall compare notes and realize they’ve both been read in.

I want to see Derek lose his shit about Ms. Bates.

I want to see where this is going with Isaac always being around Allison for no apparent reason. I don’t hate them together.

We’re almost to our hiatus! Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, “The Overlooked,” as Ms. Bates wants to play “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Photo courtesy of MTV.

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