Teen Wolf: Fireflies

Well, Teen Wolf wasn’t kidding when they said death was coming. We closed out “Fireflies” with FIVE of them–three human virgins and (I think) two werewolves.

So, now we have a new wrinkle in the Alpha saga of whether they’re involved in the virgin sacrifices (and Lydia’s corresponding freakout/discovery of the first victim) and what that means for their larger agenda. Sadly for Stiles, one of the sacrifices is his friend, Heather, and so now, the penny’s about to drop for him that he could be next. I’m guessing he’ll be on a mad quest to get laid in a hot hurry.

On the Argent front, Papa Argent comes to the aid of Scott & co., teaching them how to track werewolves as a hunter so they can box in Boyd and Derek’s sister and get them to the school. Meanwhile, down at the school, Allison, now armed with the intel about her mom’s true colors, picks her bow and arrow back up to help in her own way.

I liked the mix of creepy stalking by bug and Scott and team having to put their own safety on the line to ask Papa Argent for help, and that he stepped up.  I liked, too, that Mama McCall was useful–even though this is essentially a teen show, it’s cool that they’re making the parents functional and integral to the action, especially because I really like the casting involved.  I loved that she had a moment with Stiles where she reverted to mom mode when she realized the girl on the slab in the morgue was his friend and he was still a teenage boy.

It certainly looks, by episode’s end, like Derek has had no choice but to kill his sister and Boyd after he and Scott realize they’ve locked them in the boiler room with a teacher, but maybe he just knocked them out? We saw Isaac and Scott come in to take them away, but we didn’t see anything after that. So there’s potentially a rehab arc, coming unless they really are gone. I’m thinking there must be more to tell, because otherwise why even reintroduce that Derek’s sister was alive after all these years?

As for Lydia, I’m a bit ready for her not to have to deal with things that are batshit random, but if that’s all they can find to do with her, at least it keeps her in a gig.

We’re humming right along with season three, and tonight we’re on a proper hunt for the killer. Here’s a sneak peek:

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