The Teen Wolf Finale is Coming – Where is Everybody?

It’s been a wild ride to the Teen Wolf season finale, and ahead of its airing Monday night, MTV is marathoning the first season all day Sunday in the US. If you’ve missed an episode, it’s a perfect way to catch up, or revisit the plot points in what turned out to be a pretty speedy little season.

Going into the finale, everybody is in some or other sort of peril. Let’s break it down.

Allison – On and off and now on again with Scott and clued in to her family legacy, Allison is trapped inside a school bus and has just witnessed Scott starting to wolf out as her dad closes in on him.

Scott – Rejecting Peter (the Alpha) has been harder than Scott planned as he’s had to work overtime to keep Allison, his mom, and even Stiles safe. An almost-rendezvous with Allison has been interrupted by her dad and now he’s mid wolf-out and perched on the hood of a car between two school buses while a horrified Allison looks out from one of them, trying to understand what’s happening to her boyfriend.

Stiles – On the heels of a not-great but not-awful date to the formal with Lydia, Stiles is staring down Peter in the middle of the football field and begging him not to finish an unconscious and bloody Lydia off.

Derek – Chained up and tortured by Auntie KillJoy, he’s been revealed as an unwitting accomplice in the fire that killed his family because he was having an affair with her when she torched his family’s home. She puts it together that history is repeating and realizes that yet another boy in love with an Argent girl is a werewolf.

Lydia – Still smarting from being dumped by Jackson, she’s gone against her savvier senses and left the dance to wander out into the dark to look for him. Instead, she finds Peter.

Jackson – Drunk off his nut and rejected by Scott and Allison, he’s wandered out into the dark night begging to be turned. Instead he finds himself face to face with Papa Argent, to whom he confesses Scott’s identity, inadvertently sending him after Scott in the bus yard.

And that’s the setup. It’s been such a surprisingly strong freshman season from a young cast who are largely new to TV. In some ways, I’d have liked to see the writers work with a full 22 episodes, but they’ve done such a good job of spinning up multiple storylines in 12 episodes that 10 more might have been mind-boggling.

I’m hoping we don’t get a big bad cliffhanger, but we probably will. Good thing we know they’ll be back next season.

In the US, you can catch the finale teaser here and the marathon beginning at 9 am ET on Sunday on MTV. You can also catch the full season online at The finale airs at 10 pm ET Monday.

In Canada, you can catch the last four episodes at and the finale at 9 pm ET Monday.

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  1. I think theres 8 alphas. ones the vet and Peter and Scotts dad and Stiles mom and Derreks mom and Jackson mom and dad and the vets brother. And Scotts dad made it out of the fire and Derreks mom and Stiles mom acted like she was dead but she wasnt. And I think Jackson and Derrek and Scott are family.

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