Teen Wolf: De-Void

Remember when I said I was pretty sure I had no idea what the hell was going on in Teen Wolf? Yep. Still true. I got most of it, but at the end of the hour I wasn’t sure whether had Stiles or NotStiles back. Next week is the season finale, so it’s highly appropriate if you want to start wringing your hands now.

In “De-Void,” the order of the day was divide and conquer, and NotStiles did just that, unleashing his fireflies to infect and alienate the Scavos, Isaac, and Derek. All of that goes down, and Allison and Kira team up to battle the younger wolves. This, after Kira and Scott finally kiss, and Isaac comes home to Allison, seemingly no worse for wear until she wakes up chained to the bed (not like that, pervs).

While the girls battle the boys, Scott, Lydia, Deaton, and Mama McCall have NotStiles tied up at the McCall house. Lydia has the bright idea to summon Peter, who hilariously comes when called, swagger dialed up to 11 and demanding as his price the name of his daughter. Then he goes to work, suggesting Scott jam his wolf claws into NotStiles and Lydia to see if they can find Stiles.

Once Scott taps into them, he and Lydia pass a series of tests–both tied up at Echo House, then Scott in a closet with Allison until he remembers they’re not together anymore, and Lydia back at the school the night Peter attacked her–and then they find themselves back in the white room with the Nemeton, where Stiles and the wrapped Nogitsune figure sit on the massive stump and play the same game the werewolf from the camp played in the flashbacks.

Scott calls to Stiles but he doesn’t hear him. Lydia doesn’t do the banshee/siren thing but she does remind Scott that Stiles is in his pack, and that’s all he needs. He roars, Stiles hears him and sees him and Lydia, and then upends the game. Then they’re snapped back into Scott’s living room and Stiles coughs up reams of bandages until a second Stiles emerges from them.

While they’re sorting out which Stiles is which, the firefly-controlled wolves all drop–leaving Allison, Kira, and Papa Argent safe. But then one of the Stiles, and Lydia, are gone.

On the job front, the Sheriff is called before council and pretty much tells them off until Papa McCall steps in and reminds them why the town needs him. The men make peace and the Sheriff tells Papa McCall to just tell Scott everything–but we don’t know what that is yet. I hope we do by next week (I smell a cliffhanger).

I liked Allison and Kira battling side by side and then switching off their weapons–it was a cool scene to see them take on the boys, and I had to laugh when Kira asked if they were going to kill each other, and Allison tells her she thinks they’re going to try.

It was an interesting dynamic to watch Derek bring up all the Hale hate with Papa Argent, who still didn’t kill him. I like that they’re really trying to evolve beyond their family legacies.

The Kira and Scott scene was sweet–and tame for this show–but it worked for who they are together, and was sort of a nice respite in the middle of all the chaos.

Tonight, in “Insatiable,” we pick up with NotStiles (pretty sure) and Lydia as everybody scrambles to find them.

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