Teen Wolf: Chaos Rising

So, Teen Wolf‘s “Chaos Rising” continued from “Tattoo” in such a way that I wondered if the premiere was originally two hours. Scott and Stiles head to a party where Stiles gets an offer he can’t refuse, but when he returns to seal the deal, the girl is missing. We don’t see her again but we can assume she’s Alpha bait/food/something not good. One hilarious after-effect is the Stiles flips the condom (an XL) out of his pocket during class, to which coach responds, “Congratulations.” (hah!) Scott also gets a vibe off the Scavos at school that he can’t quite pinpoint, although the morphing twins are mentioned later, so that’s either a plot disconnect or Scott hasn’t snapped to on that yet.

We’re still looking for Boyd and Erica, and the gang decides to deep freeze Isaac into a trance until he remembers where he was. In a weirdly disjointed edit, Stiles recounts dialogue we didn’t actually hear Isaac say out loud that would seem to indicate that Erica died. Enough clues are pieced together so that everybody realizes the Alphas are holed up in an abandoned bank, complete with sealed vaults, so Derek and Scott go in hot through the wall while Allison goes in stealth through the front door.

That goes OK until Allison is discovered by Miss Morell, who tuns out to be in with the Alphas. Peter realizes, while babysitting Stiles, that the Alphas have walled Boyd into a room that has blocked the moon, so he’s gone a while without phasing and is going to be on one hell of a rage bender. Stiles gets that news to Scott and Derek just as they break through to Boyd, and another weregirl (who Derek recognizes as his presumed-dead sister, Cora), and they all throw down until Allison arrives to release the spell on the floor and Boyd and the girl flee. Separately, Lydia has been eyeing up one of the Scavos, except when we get to the end of the hour, she wakes up screaming, so something’s still not right with her.

And that’s where we left off.  Wasn’t a bad episode; wasn’t a great episode. It feels like we’re setting up pieces on a game board, and by nature, that’s going to be a little matter of fact.  I did love that Peter is still “too weak” to be of any great help so he avoided the fray, but he and Stiles could still out-bitch each other and then be accidentally helpful.

Things looks to pick up in a big way tonight with “Fireflies,” which has a tagline of “Death is coming” (that can’t bode well), airing tonight at 10 pm E/9 pm C on MTV and MuchMusic. Here’s a sneak peek.

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