Teen Wolf: Alpha Pact

Happy third half-season finale day!  Teen Wolf wraps up its first batch of 12 episodes tonight at 10/9c, and you can catch up with an all-day marathon today on MTV. But first, lets take a look at “Alpha Pact.”

Lydia sits with her mom (hi, Mrs. Lockwood!) in her room getting ready for her first day back and decides that she won’t cover up her neck because somebody tried to kill her and she survived–she has nothing to hide. Her mom agrees but says they still have to fix her hair and Lydia says that’s a given.

Stiles and the Argents look over the town map again, trying to get a bead on the Sheriff, and Papa Argent decides they should revisit the vault but tells Stiles to go to school. Isaac shows up after he leaves and offers to help. They head to the vault and as soon as they’re inside, Papa Argent drops Isaac with his shock stick and handcuffs Allison to the wall, telling her it’s the only way. Then he offers himself up to Ms. Blake, who arrives and is sort of gleeful about it. Afterward, Allison and Isaac share a moment when she has a near meltdown.

Stiles gets interrogated at the school by an unidentified Feeb looking for his dad, and Scott, and he pleads ignorance on both. When word gets to Stiles that Papa Argent semi-willingly joining the kidnapped parents club, he starts to have his own meltdown until Lydia pushes him out of the hall and into the locker room, where she kisses him to snap him out of it. Then they very sweetly talk about how scared he is about everything he’s been going through. I wasn’t sure where that was going to go, especially after they made folks bananas with the clip at Comic-Con, but it turned out to be a friendship kiss, and that’s OK. Lydia also tells Stiles that her “thing” now has a name and that she’s a Banshee. They later realize that Ms. Morell is missing and that Lydia has been drawing the Nemeton all season–they had just misread the drawings as a tree vs. the roots.

Back the Hales, Peter continues to mindfrak Derek about his Alpha status and tells him he can pull the infection out of Cora but it could very well kill him, and Derek seems OK with that.

Scott spends the first half of the episode offscreen and when we finally catch up with him and Deucalion, the Alpha Pack is chasing Ms. Morell though the woods and Scott saves her from being killed after she admits rescuing Isaac at the beginning of the season because the Pack has gone a bit rogue.

Down at the base of the Nemeton (which apparently is NOT in the Hale cellar–I was confused about that), the parents talk about what they all know and Melissa tells Papa Argent that she’s downloaded as much as she could to the Sheriff. The Sheriff tells them he’s always known something was up, and the night his wife died, an accident victim whom he stayed with while awaiting paramedics told him to leave if he wanted to say goodbye to his wife. He didn’t heed her words and Stiles was alone with his mother when she died. So, now it all makes sense.

Then Ms. Blake comes in and does some more mwah-ha-ha-ing.

Deaton comes up with a plan to help the parents and brings the Scoobies to his clinic, where he presents the idea that he can save them if they psudo-sacrifice themselves, so they repeat the memory dunking by ice that we saw Isaac go through earlier this season, and there’s a moment fo awkward when Deaton assigns Isaac to monitor Allison because they have a bond, and Lydia to Stiles, and himself to Scott. Scott realizes the ship may have sailed on Allison and him and he tells her it’s OK. Before they’re dropped into the water, Stiles tells Scott his dad is in town–so he was the Feeb we saw earlier–that’s news to all of us, think.

And tonight it all comes to a head. Here’s a sneak peek of “Lunar Ellipse,” our last new episode until January. Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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