Teen Wolf: 117

The Teen Wolf gang is back in Beacon Hills as they drop in on Deaton with the altered Derek and he is at a loss of what to do to turn him back. Scott and Stiles are ordered to go home and Lydia stays behind to help.

When Derek rouses, he doesn’t know them and attacks Deaton before tearing out of there, back to the now-burned-out Hale homestead. He’s arrested and brought in and when they run his prints and the Sheriff realizes who he is before Stiles and Scott can make it back to tell him, his hilarious response is to ask them if time travel is now part of the repertoire. He’s relieved when they give him the real reason.

Separately Lydia has one of her fugue state auto direction occurrences where she drives, with Kira in tow, to a gas station where a poor dumb bastard happened upon a mid-transformation Kate and she shredded him.

Stiles takes Derek back to Scott’s while Scott goes to see Peter and has to fumble around exactly who Derek is to Scott’s dad in a scene full of supreme awkward. Scott shows up at Peter’s to find Malia waiting and when he tells her he doesn’t need her there, she says Lydia called Peter “Satan in a v-neck” so she thought he could use the help and she’s staying.

When they get upstairs, Peter’s angling for a sign that Malia is his daughter but aside from an elevated heart rate, Scott tips nothing. Together they figure out that Kate aged Derek back to a time when he trusted her, so he would cough up a talisman that will help her control her transformations.

While Scott hears this from Peter, Kate has shown up at his house and absconded with Derek. They all convene at the school and are met by some uber-ugly henchman called The Berserkers. Kira does her best with her sword, until she takes a moment to beam at Scott and has her ass handed to her.

Peter confronts Kate (in a handy never-before-seen dungeon under the high school) and tells her the talisman is bogus and she rages about that until the room fills with wolfsbane tear gas, and the larger plan is revealed. When the smoke clears, Peter finds his safe emptied. He’s immediately catatonic about it and when Lydia and Stiles arrive to ask him how much he lost, it’s 117 million dollars.

Oh, also in there, the fight with the Berserkers shakes Derek out of his teendom, and he’s back to normal, physically. We’ll have to wait and see on the rest.

Other tidbits learned:

  • Scott’s dad is asleep on the couch when Scott sneaks back in from Mexico, so they’ve apparently sorted out that estrangement.
  • Stiles shares with Scott that Malia creeps into his bed every night, which, while a hormonal teen boy’s dream, is also leaving him with serious scratch marks and a wee bit of role anxiety because he’s always the “little spoon” afterward.
  • I’m surprised Peter and Malia wouldn’t just *know*, and it’s interesting that Stiles is worried about the blowback from keeping that secret from her.
  • Deaton got scratched by a young Derek — is that going to be an issue?
  • Why was the big bad boogedy result essentially an elaborate bank robbery? What the hell was Peter stockpiling that kind of money for? And did Derek know?

Lots of open questions.

Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s new episode:

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