Take 5 With Haven’s Lucas Bryant!

Tonight we return to Haven and what better way to get ready for the Season 4 premiere than a new edition of Take 5 featuring Lucas Bryant! In a recent press call, Bryant chatted about tonight’s episode and teased the upcoming season.

When this season begins, Nathan is in a dark place, and Bryant commented on this change in his character: “Nathan has always been maybe a little bit too sure of himself. I mean sure, he’s always got doubts, but he had this kind of blind trust in himself, and Audrey, and that as you saw at the end of Season 3 led to a disastrous outcome. So now, getting to explore that ruined side of him was a lot of fun, and continuing throughout Season 4, he has a new mission, but it is a lot darker.”

When asked if he’ll have any happy moments in Season 4, he replied, “There are some happy moments definitely for Nathan, but sadly, they seem to be fleeting. When things start looking too good, you have to just smash it all to pieces, right? In the first half of the season, Nathan’s outlook is pretty bleak, pretty dark. You learn in the opening episode what he has decided he needs to do and the deal that’s made.” He added, “Things aren’t looking too good, but I will tell you that there may be very exciting lights at the end of that dark tunnel.”

Bryant very diligently avoided spoiler territory, but he did tease some upcoming storylines: “There are a bunch of great bits coming up that I can’t tell you anything about, but I’m sure fans will probably be pretty into what develops midway through the season. Specifically for me, I got to play a wildly different version of Nathan. Something happens in town that shakes up everyone’s reality, so I got to explore a very different side of him, which was a blast. A much less reserved and much more effusive side of Nathan that I certainly didn’t see coming.”

Bryant also touched on some of the ongoing themes in Season 4: “In many ways this season, the danger has been raised again and I think our heroes of the show – for lack of a better word – are wrestling with how little we understand [about The Troubles] and how ill-equipped we are to deal with them.” He went on to say, “In the past [when things were going badly] but there was maybe some faith that somehow we would be able to deal with it. [It’s] not that we’ve lost all faith now, but I think this season all of us have been shown that this thing is maybe so much huger than anyone could have guessed. And so, I think we are sort of adrift in a lot of dangerous possibilities this season. So maybe the theme is questioning ourselves, but it doesn’t really sound like that’s a departure from the show does it, because I guess questions have been the central theme since the beginning. But it’s just like a whole new rug has been pulled out from under everyone’s feet.”

We very quickly learn in the season premiere that Audrey is missing, and although Nathan starts the episode in a more hopeless place, he is given a “little glimmer of hope” and “holds onto that as tightly as possible.” He went on to say, “I think [Nathan] has to believe that there is a way to get her back.”

Perhaps one of the biggest questions that fans have going into the season premiere is how long will it be until we see a Nathan / Audrey reunion? Bryant teased, “There is a sort of reunion in the first half of the season. How is that?”

Haven premieres tonight at 10/9c on Syfy. Canadian fans will have to hold tight until the season premiere airs on Showcase in December.

Photo Courtesy of Syfy

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