Sons of Anarchy S6 Countdown: Theo Rossi

Our countdown to the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere continues with this clip featuring Theo Rossi from San Diego Comic-Con in July!

Juice is definitely one of the most dynamic characters on the series. At the beginning, he injected a bit of humor and lightness into the otherwise dark storyline, but that changed when the truth of his parentage was revealed and he was manipulated into being a rat. It just got darker from there and culminated in his betrayal of Clay at the end of Season 5.

Theo has never been so excited for fans to see a season as he is for Season 6. Check out the video below, but first, some highlights:

– He shared that the upcoming season is going to be “violent yet cerebral,” and that each episode is like a season finale in terms of action.
– He’s a huge TV fan, especially of cable networks. He commented that many characters stay the same and the actors can get comfortable with playing a role a certain way. He can’t say that about Juice. Every season has been different for his character, and he’s lucky in that regard.
– Juice has been the club clown, the unwilling rat (which was so torturous for him he nearly ended his own life), and the traitor. In Season 6, we’re going to see another completely different side of this character.
– A huge part of his arc in the upcoming season relates to his betrayal of Clay knowing that there is a price on Clay’s head.

Catch the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere on Tuesday, September 10 at 10pm ET/PT on FX in the US, and on Super Channel in Canada.

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2013

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