Sons of Anarchy S6 Countdown: EP and Director Paris Barclay

The Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere is so close I can practically smell the leather! And we’ve got some intel on the upcoming season in this clip featuring Director and Executive Producer, Paris Barclay.

If you’ve never heard of Barclay before, he’s worked on some of television’s finest series over the years, including NYPD Blue, The Shield and In Treatment. He also happens to be the current President of the Directors Guild of America. He gave us some fantastic teases about the upcoming season without any spoilers – but if you are overly cautious when it comes to spoilers, you may want to proceed with caution.

As Ron Perlman had already touched on, Barclay also spoke of Clay’s character in terms of redemption, specifically if Clay can ever regain the trust – and the love – of the club and his family. Barclay mentioned that the “unexpected” happens when it comes to Clay’s arc this season.
– He addressed the change in Tara’s character, and shared an anecdote of his mom asking him to get Tara away from Gemma’s influence! He did say that Tara is picking up some of Gemma’s darkest traits, and in Season 6, we’ll see Tara master those. He also added that the power struggle between these women will reach its final conclusion with one clear winner.
– There is going to be a different vibe to the club now that Bobby has given up his position and Jax has to make some changes. He also mentioned that as we may have noticed, club numbers are dwindling so bringing in new members is going to make for some interesting situations.
– We’re going to see more of Lee Toric. According to Barclay, Donal Logue is amazing at being dark. Toric started off pointing his vengeance at Tara, but we’re going to see him “attempt a very dark retribution” with the goal of taking SAMCRO down.
– If we thought that Opie’s tragic and brutal death was the death to end all deaths on TV, Barclay told us to be prepared for an even darker, more shocking sixth season. More characters are going to meet their fate.

Be sure you’re tuned into the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere on Tuesday, September 10 at 10pm ET/PT on FX in the US and on Super Channel in Canada!

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte, Copyright © 2013

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