So The World Didn’t End … How About Some Anarchy?!?

So the world didn’t end and Anarchy isn’t back until next fall, so why not celebrate the world still turning with a giveaway?

We’ve got one copy of the Sons of Anarchy “Songs of Anarchy: Vol. 2” CD for one lucky winner! It’s the perfect way to keep the Anarchy going until Season 6! Here are the 13 tracks included on the disc:

  • 1. Sympathy For The Devil
  • 2. The Lost Boy
  • 3. The Passenger
  • 4. He Got Away
  • 5. To Sir With Love
  • 6. Higher Ground
  • 7. Lights
  • 8. The Unclouded Day
  • 9. Coal War
  • 10. Time
  • 11. Travelin’ Band
  • 12. Family
  • 13. No Milk Today

To qualify, comment below with the character you thought was Season 5’s MVB (Most Valuable Badass) and why you think they’re worthy of that title. We’ll select 1 winner at random from the entries.

Contest closes at 11:59pm EST on Sunday December 30th, 2012. Limit one entry per person.

Image Courtesy of FX

2 thoughts on “So The World Didn’t End … How About Some Anarchy?!?

  1. OPIE HANDS DOWN! that dude stepped up in every way possible… and his death still pisses me off (sorry)

  2. I am going to just be fun here and say that little Juicey is the biggest badass because he didn’t die this season like we all thought he would! Keep going Juicey!

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