Solidarity with the Striking Workers

Solidarity with the Striking Workers

Hi everyone! After thinking about this for a few weeks – and especially now that both the actors and writers are on strike – we have decided to put our weekly Caffeine news column on hiatus for the duration of the strike, so as not to provide support to the studios at this time by amplifying their announcements. We stand with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA and workers everywhere, and I personally (Kate, who writes this column) do not feel comfortable doing anything that feels at all like crossing a picket line.

You can learn more about the strike and how to support the workers on the WGA (writers’ union) and SAG-AFTRA (actors’ union) strike sites. Please consider donating or joining a picket line if you are able.

And a final note – you may see some other content popping up on the site that is based on interviews conducted before the strike began and/or involves Canadian productions that are not affected by the strike.

We hope to be back with you soon when the writers and actors have fair contracts!

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