Shoot the Messenger Season 1 Finale Preview: Full Circle

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Things do indeed come full circle for Sam Charles on Shoot the Messenger, who graduated last week from golden boy with clean hands to cold-blooded killer. In the finale, The Gazette races to button up their story in the face of the injunction carried out by Sam’s attorney (hi, Peter Outerbridge!).

Daisy considers a desperate move to get the story out before a cooler head prevails, and then Xannan provides an unlikely assist with new information from Khalid’s friend.

Lutz and Ortiz back into the story from the angle of Lawson and DaSilva’s murder as Hardcastle proves himself to be Teflon-coated.

Simon’s duplicity comes to a head when Cassie arrives home at the exact wrong time, leading to a couple of awesome Lucas Bryant Blue Steel moments.

Chloe finally has a moment of truth about Sam when it’s 100% on her to believe him or not and from there, do the right or wrong thing.

It’s a packed hour that closes out the first season and leaves plenty of setup for a second season — which I hope they get — as Daisy has to reconcile what she was willing to do, and who she was willing to become, to get the story.

Shoot the Messenger airs one last  Monday at 9 pm/9:30 NT on CBC. If you missed an episode, they’re all online at CBC’s website. Here’s a sneak peek of “Full Circle.” Thanks for spending the first season with us!


Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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