Seth Gabel on his Salem Role: A Witch Hunter with a Lustful Side

Our final clip from the Salem press room during January’s TCA press tour features none other than Seth Gabel. He plays Cotton Mather, a witch hunter and supposed man of God that is consumed by his carnal appetites.

Check out the full video below, but first, a few highlights:

  • Seth shared that Cotton Mather presents himself as a good, virtuous man by day, but visits brothels by night. Cotton is a hypocrite and a sex addict. He is conflicted. How can he fight evil if evil exists within him?
  • The series depicts an alternate version of a period in American history that we may not have really thought much about,  pre-Revolutionary America that was very ambiguous.
  • The people of Salem were on this new frontier and carving out a safe little area, they not only faced potential threats from the Native Americans, but as God-fearing people, the Devil also posed a real threat to them.
  • He said that in a way, this is a cautionary tale, and it questions our nature as people. He made an interesting point that technology could be perceived as magic, making a story about witchcraft and magic relatable in this day and age.


The series premiere of Salem is tonight at 10/9c on WGN America, and at 9e/6p on Space in Canada.

Photo and Video by Melissa Girimonte. Copyright © 2014

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