Season 3 of Lost Girl is a GO!

Fans have spoken, and the network has listened – there is going to be a Season 3 of Lost Girl!

According to the Showcase Blog, production on Season 3 will begin in Spring 2012.

The series continues to be Showcase’s highest rated drama series, and continues to win over new fans across the globe, a fanbase that’s expected to grow even more when Season 1 begins on Syfy on January 16, 2012.

Season 2 will be on a brief hiatus after a new episode on December 18th. It returns on January 22.

What a way to kick off the weekend, right Faenatics?!?

Photo Courtesy of Showcase

6 thoughts on “Season 3 of Lost Girl is a GO!

  1. Good news about Lost Girl being renewed.

    Pity you could not have had a picture of Dyson in the main photo, after all, he is the male lead and second lead.

    Is this one of ‘those’ sites?

    1. I used the photo with Dyson in a post during the summer, and I don’t like using the same photos twice.

      If you mean a television blog by “one of ‘those’ sites”, then you are correct.

  2. Can’t wait for season 3. Am getting season 1 dvd for my b/day when it’s released here in the uk next Feb. Sooo love the show….

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