Inside Season 2 of Archer with Jessica Walter

Archer returned to the tube last week with a raunchy romp through The Alps, and acolytes of ISIS rejoiced! You can be sure that the wild escapades will continue through the rest of Season 2. To tease a little of what’s in store, series star Jessica Walter (Malory Archer) shared some info with us during a recent Q&A. Warning … there are definitely going to be a few spoilers below!

On the first meeting between Malory and Woodhouse:

“It was in a bar when I was pregnant, that I can tell you. When Malory was pregnant with Sterling that’s where I met Woodhouse.”

On the character interactions that she enjoys most:

“Well I enjoy Woodhouse because he’s such a prig and you know I just love to put him down and take him on. I enjoy them all, but specifically, if I had to pick a couple, it would certainly be Sterling because there’s such a drama to the relationship and you can go so crazy screaming and telling him that he’s worth nothing, et cetera. That’s kind of fun. Nikolai Jackov, my ex-lover who could possibly be Archer’s father. That’s another one because I love his Russian accent, the way he talks to me. This is Malory speaking, not me. I like them all, but I would have to say Woodhouse … and I love yelling at Pam. I yell at her a lot this year.”

On Malory’s upcoming romantic escapades:

“I’m having a romance with the head of ODIN, Len Drexler, who is voiced by my former co-star, Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor.”

On Malory becoming a grandmother:

“Malory is not thrilled about being a grandmother and I don’t think it’s going to go well, let’s put it that way. I know in one episode, last year I think it was, he broached the subject or something and she said, “You cannot ever call me grandma.” So I don’t think it’s going to go well at all.”

On whether we’ll learn the identity of Sterling’s father:

“She doesn’t know who the father is, that’s the thing. It could be one of three or four people … I just said today in the recording session – I’m not giving anything away by saying this, but – I just said today, some Russian bad guys catch Archer. I appealed to my friend Jackov – spelled Jackov, but it’s pronounced Jack off – Nikolai, who I’ve had an affair with in Episode 1 actually last season. And he wants to know if he’s (Archer’s) father and he asks me what the odds are and I say, “Well, one out of three … actually it’s probably like one out of ten.”

Be sure to watch tonight’s episode of Archer, “A Going Concern”, at 10pm on FX.

*Special thanks to‘s Katherine Welsh for her assistance with this Q&A.

Image Courtesy of FX

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