Ringer Finale Wrap Up

Ringer MERCIFULLY came to a close earlier this month, and I really don’t see how it could come back, but that doesn’t mean The CW wouldn’t do it. SMG is SMG after all.

Let’s catch you up on how the season closed out.

First off—the sisters did NOT have a face off. (Boo!) Bridget did, however learn that Siobhan is alive. This is AFTER she kills Bodaway in self-defense, spills everything to Andrew and Juliet and they leave her, and she escapes a murder attempt by Catherine.

Siobhan gives birth to her girls and Henry requests paternity. They’re not his, she lies that they are, and when he calls her on it, he leaves her. She winds up destitute when her attempt to steal her jewelry from the penthouse is interrupted by Bodaway. When a nurse finds her staring at her daughters through the glass in the NICU ad she admits they have nowhere to go, the nurse offers to find her a cot.

Malcolm is likely dead although we don’t get it 100% confirmed. Jimmy Kemper is also killed by Bodaway.

Henry is sort of still jacked up on Tyler’s murder because Siobhan’s attempt to pay off the witness, followed by a threat to out her as a prostitute, fails when the girl ODs (while Siobhan hides in the closet and her labor kicks in. Yes, really).

After Machado sort of rescues Bridget from Catherine, he’s back home with the FBI for about ten minutes before he finds out Bodaway is in New York and comes running back (at apparent hyper speed across the country).

Before all that, Catherine had been planning the Siobhan murder for months because Siobhan evicted her from her house, then she fell into an affair with Olivia, who begged off the hook up when Catherine was revealed to be ragingly bonkers. Catherine loads Bridget up with pills and then drops her into a bathtub and when that fails, she holds the whole family hostage at gunpoint until Machado orchestrates a meet for Catherine with Olivia and gets the jump on her (while she’s dragging Bridget along to still kill her later). So, now she’s locked up.

Back in the finale, following an elaborate dream sequence wedding, Bridget decides to do the big reveal of her truth and then is sidetracked when Andrew lays the mother of all vows on her and she can’t do it. It’s all for naught when Arbogast tells Andrew about the affair with Henry (which he apparently knew for a while) and Andrew storms into their vow renewal (engagement?) party and announces they’re done to the entire room.

Later that evening after an underused Madchen Amick has helped her clear the party, Bridget comes clean with Andrew that she never had an affair with Henry because she’s not Siobhan and she loves him and Juliet. He listens very quietly and you think for half a second he might be a little OK with all this and then he grits out that she needs to go. Then he and Juliet take the wedding trip on their own.

Bridget is of course crushed but doesn’t get to dwell on that too much when she runs into Bodaway at the apartment and he’s super confused because she interrupts his attack on Siobhan. She gets the drop on him as Machado comes in and then Solomon reads her in that Siobhan survived the boat way back there in September. She races to see Henry, demanding an explanation, and he lays it out for her that the whole thing was a revenge trip because of Sean’s death. She’s understandably leveled by the idea that Siobhan wanted her dead.

And that’s what we’re left with after 22 episodes. I’m pretty sure if CBS had kept this, we never would have had the back nine. As it stands, I feel like things happened in “soap” time. It would have been a lot for one month of TV if we were watching it five days a week and the heightened shenanigans would have been altogether appropriate. But eight months is a long time to spend with these characters and all the drama when the end result is Bridget’s back where she started again, only now Siobhan is in the same boat (no pun intended). Bridget just doesn’t know that yet.

We’ll find out in May if the rest of their story that will be televised.

SMG brought her A game to all of it, and the whole cast just seemed to dance as fast as they could around all the developments, but I kept feeling that they all deserved better. If they come back, I hope they get it. If they don’t come back, I hope we seem them soon working on projects that are worthy.

Thanks so much for reading this season!

Photo Courtesy of The CW

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