Revenge Round Up

Hey, kids. Let’s catch up on “Charade”, “Intrigue”, and “Guilt”!

What a tangled, tangled web. Emily finds herself in a sticky wicket when she unwittingly amps up Lydia’s psychosis, which gets Lydia thrown off the roof of her swanky new NYC digs, courtesy of Frank. Emily witnesses this because Nolan stashed a webcam in her house, which she mistook for a figurine and sent to Lydia. She also seals the deal with Daniel in a scene of supreme “meh”.

Declan and Charlotte go joyriding in Victoria’s new convertible and get arrested. When Daniel arrives to pick up Charlotte and Jack to pick up Declan, Daniel makes an overture toward a job at the bar and Jack grudgingly agrees. This is set in motion because Daniel’s jackass BFF Tyler outs Conrad’s relationship with Lydia to Daniel, leaving him to take the internship at the firm as Daniel vows independence and Conrad cuts him off.

Pre roof dive, Victoria baits Lydia’s good graces at yet another fundraiser when she threatens to out their involvement in the David cover up and after that goes off as it’s supposed to, Victoria pulls the rug on Lydia and tells her they will never ever be friends again. It’s after that sad scene that she goes home to find Frank in her loft and he gives chase and over the balcony she goes.

When we pick up that hot mess, Tyler keeps torpedoing Daniel and fakes a beating at Daniel’s roofied hands to make himself sympathetic. Nolan has a run-in with Frank, who saw him on security footage entering Lydia’s apartment to retrieve the webcam. The footage is leaked by Nolan to Conrad, who promptly fires Frank and then shares the video with Victoria.

Victoria has a come to Jesus about comatose Lydia and offers to pay her bills. There are also indications that Frank may have been an extracurricular activity. She finally boots Conrad to the curb when she realizes how much he’s hanging onto Lydia, and he’s at Lydia’s bedside when she wakes up.

Emily learns that she was on Lydia’s and then Frank’s radar from her post-juvie days when she was trying (badly) to be a surreptitious cater waiter. She also ends up shanghaied into a NYT style puff piece about the Grayson marriage when Tyler outs her as Daniel’s new GF. Elsewhere, Frank investigates the real Emily Thorne, who was Amanda Clarke’s cell mate. He goes first to the juvie facility, where CCH Pounder gets a heads up from Emily and shuts him down, and then a dive strip club where real Emily/now Amanda Clarke is a low-rent stripper. She seemingly takes the bait before she brains him in a field and turns up in the Hamptons all “You’re welcome!”

Daniel makes a go of his bar job until Tyler’s intervention and then he and Emily have a few lovey dovey montages that I don’t buy. She calls Tyler on the carpet about his Richie Rich fraudulent claims (which he actually sort of confesses to Ashley) and sets Nolan on him. Nolan is all too happy to leverage Tyler’s gay boy past, allowing himself to be seduced and taping the encounter for use later.

Charlotte and Declan work on getting together; he goes so far as to hijack lobsters, a supremely stupid stunt from which Daniel saves him, and then he’s invited to the Grayson house and is cutely middle class about the whole thing until he stands up to the snobs and Charlotte follows.

Emily shoots down a very genuine woo from Jack (BOO!), instigated by Nolan, after he fixes and moves the porch swing at the cottage, and then she and Daniel pledge their troth and she tells Nolan that Daniel is not part of the plan but I’m not feeling it yet. Jack also breaks up with Nolan.

No magical yellow Lab Sam in these episodes=BOO! And they’re also fairly flashback light. No show this week for the CMAs, but new episodes resume next week for sweeps. Yay!

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