Revenge: Resurrection and Confidence

I’m not sure what to do about Revenge, y’all. I LOVED it on Tuesdays. It was a reward for making it through the first two days of the work week, and now that’s on Sundays, I find that I can’t concentrate on all its threads because I’m already thinking about the week ahead. I may start watching on Tuesdays so I can really enjoy it again.

That said, lots and lots going on in episodes two and three. Let’s catch you up.

Everybody knows Victoria’s alive because she was SOL with the white-haired man when Conrad froze Charlotte’s inheritance and then emptied it to pay a debt to the Grayson board.  Victoria and Conrad concoct an elaborate post-kidnapping rescue, which puts the white-haired man on the police radar. Emily steps in to get more information and ostensibly to ask him about her mother. He takes the help but won’t say anything about her mom, and then he attacks her. Luckily, her Takeda classmate, who we now know is Aiden, arrives in time to kill him.

Emily then attacks Aiden and leaves him in a dumpster, from which he escapes. We get some backstory that he and Emily were a thing when she first settled in at Takeda’s and then Aiden bailed on her to go off on his own vendetta. She never got past it. Back in the present, Aiden finds out on his own that the white-haired man (Gordon) not only knew Emily’s mom, but was living with her in a motel in the Hamptons.  Only he doesn’t know he knows that because he meets her and nothing registers for him about who she is. So, Emily will be finding that out at some point.

Victoria falls back in at home, presenting a picture for the media of a happy and whole Grayson clan while Daniel reels that his mother has yet again played them. Victoria asks Emily to stay away, so Emily sends in Amanda to pull the heartstrings as Charlotte’s uber pregnant half-sister. She also strikes an alliance with Daniel to tell him how to combat Victoria.

Emily winds up Amanda by supposedly fixing the paternity test to show the baby is Jack’s, but it really is Jack’s, only she tells Amanda it isn’t. Got that? I’ll break the down later. Jack then moves into hyperdaddy drive with the exception that he doesn’t want any of the Grayson money anywhere near his child.

Declan gets shunted out to the boat and then he falls in with a classmate who thinks robbing the rich is a swell idea. That puts him on the path of a local man played by JR Bourne, so we can guess how that’s going to go.

Nolan gets a storyline of his own that I’m not caring about yet. He’s pulled back into work by an accountant who he predictably makes CFO and the poor girl seems to be crushing hard on him. I hope she turns out to have some sort of agenda later because as it is now she pines over what she thinks Nolan and Emily have because she’s completely misread their situation. Nolan also finally moves out of Emily’s after Aiden attacks him.

As for Emily, Aiden tries to mend fences by bringing her the flight recorder from the original plane crash ( I think; it looks awfully big to be the flight recorder from the private jet) that he found in Gordon’s motel room.  And Emily listens to the sim card from Gordon’s phone and is heartbroken when she hears her mother’s voice leaving him a message, terribly worried and signing off with “I love you.”

So, I’m down with most everything but the paternity scam bugs me. I get Emily wanting to inflict pain on Amanda by making her think a one night stand away from Jack has been punished, but I don’t get punishing Jack when at some point, we know he’ll lose Amanda, or the kid, or both. It’s just that kind of show.

I like that they keep finding reasons to put Emily and Jack in a room together. I also like that Jack seemingly nutted up and explicitly dumped Amanda but not their kid when she went behind his back and ended up on camera alongside the Graysons, precisely where Emily set her up to be. Such drama! We’ll see if he holds to that decision.

Revenge airs at 9 pm/8c tonight on ABC and City TV.

Photo courtesy of Colleen Hayes/ABC.

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  1. Fantastic post Heather! I love Aiden already, I think he is sly and sneaky but totally on the Amanda (Emily) train. He always seems to have her best interests at heart. Also couldn’t agree more with your points on Nolan. I’m not too interested in his story line yet but I’m hoping this innocently spicy new CFO can make it more intense.

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