Revenge: “Illusion” and “Penance”

Past is prologue on tonight’s Revenge, which is all new, sort of, as it dredges up past indiscretions for the Porters and Graysons and Emily (oh my) that have bearing on where they find themselves now. Let’s take a quick check on where that is, exactly, after the last two episodes, “Illusion” and “Penance.”

The Porters

Jack and Amanda are talking wedding plans and Amanda is OK with going small after childhood dreams of something Kennedyesque. The boys are still in deep with their benefactor/bad guy, whose brother (a drive-by Michael Trucco) is also newly arrived in town, which doesn’t bode well.

The Graysons

Conrad is jailed and released and awaiting further instruction from the shadowy Initiative folks pulling their strings. He and Victoria remarry and actually have an interesting chat on the beach about whether they deserve everything they’re getting (yes) and they seem to agree that they’ll just take those who would do them harm straight to hell with them. Kara takes the Graysons hostage and tries to get them to confess to everything after a misguided Mason Treadwell tells her things Emily doesn’t want her to know, but Aiden steps in and knocks her out before she can do anything irreversible. The Graysons are left thinking the Initiative took care of it. Daniel makes his play for the Grayson board with the news of the Nolcorp investment during a press event at the house and his mother gets wind and tries to step in. Nolan counter moves by giving Aiden the Clarke check and telling him he better not do wrong by Emily.


Emily pulls the mother of all cons on Mason Treadwell that nearly gets him killed by Amanda and ends with him jailed until such a time as she finds him useful as a free man. She comes clean about her identity and tells him to write the truth of David Clarke and he agrees. She and Aiden help Kara get out of town, none the wiser to Emily’s true identity. Emily’s had enough of a day after all that that she finally gives in to Aiden’s charms and we’ll see where, and in what frame of mind, they wake up tonight.

Tonight, we flashback to 2006 to a hellish Grayson family dinner, Emily’s initial tutelage under Takeda (when she first met Aiden), and Papa Porter’s dock troubles. Here’s a sneak peak from “Lineage” airs tonight at 9 pm/8c on ABC and City TV.

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