Revenge: Identity

We’re winding down Revenge‘s second season now, and while it certainly looks like they’re setting up their third season, I think it might be a premature gamble. Last month the show’s creator and showrunner, Mike Kelley, stepped down, perhaps as a response to the loss of momentum this year, but ABC installed Sunil Nayar as a replacement on Friday, so maybe they’re good to go if the network hasn’t found a pilot it likes better.

Onscreen, we’re back in the Nightline crosshairs as the Graysons are about to sit down for a pow wow and Emily’s got other plans for how that interview’s going to go. Seems Victoria’s adoption of her son wasn’t as sad sack as it seemed and she actually ditched him when she was give the opportunity to study in Paris and misrepresented to her benefactor that her son was her charge and she was his nanny.

Nolan gets sprung from jail, and with Emily’s help, takes down (with a cheesy arcade-off), Falcon, whose real name is Edith, and she’s sent packing to the Feds after Nolan gets all of Victoria’s deets off her PC via a worm. We also learn that Edith was a young staffer at Grayson Global who earned her hacker stripes framing David Clarke all those years ago. Emily gives Nolan the honors of crossing her out from that corporate picnic photo we haven’t seen in a while.

Emily’s still with Daniel and when he backs her into a weird sort of proposal during the Nightline interview, she doesn’t say no. Then she pretty much clears it with Aiden, who is working his own agenda with the idea that he’ll be the last man standing when her long-won vengeance leaves her with nothing else to hold onto. He tells her to go ahead and marry the son of a bitch.

Takeda FINALLY resurfaces and tells Aiden to come back to Japan but he’s not having it, and that looks like a conversation that’s going to take a danergous turn in the previews for tonight’s episode.

And because they’re hard-pressed to give her a plot, Charlotte decides to torpedo all her good work and descend into the party scene with a classmate, leaving a bewildered Declan on his own to get into college after Charlotte initially tried to strong-arm him into coming to Harvard with her.

Jack is pissed when Emily shows up at the Grayson interview and he fires her as Carl’s godmother (I hope we get a real conversation between Jack and Emily before we’re done this season). Meanwhile, Ashley turns up proof that Conrad is working with the Governor’s wife and uses that to get back on staff with him.

Victoria acknowledges her bad deeds on national TV after Emily has Nolan feed them to the interviewer and the she turns up in Nolan’s office and asks him to help her find her son.

We’ve only got tonight’s episode and next week’s two-hour season (so-far) finale left.

I could go either way on a renewal, really. Emily VanCamp is shooting the Captain America sequel so she’s got prospects elsewhere, but I’d miss the rest of the cast, so I hope for them that they get another go. But I also hope we get back to some sort of single focus.

Here are a couple of scenes from “Engagement,” which airs tonight at 9 pm E/8 C on ABC and CityTV.

Photo Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink

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