Revenge: Fear

So, I think I’ve finally realized what my issue is with Revenge–I want to be in on ALL the secrets. I found myself second-guessing EVERYTHING last night because I couldn’t trust what we were being shown as the truth, and that’s going to be a problem. I don’t trust this show anymore. I was looking for everybody to be running some sort of con–whether or not they actually were. Here’s what I think went down, with follow-on commentary on what I *think/hope* is actually going on.

The Graysons

Conrad is the governor. He and Victoria have been estranged for close to six months while she settled into a strange sort of secret bliss with long-lost son Patrick (new cast member Justin Hartley). Charlotte lost the baby and spent several months in Europe–there’s no mention of school, so I don’t know if that means somewhere in there she graduated. She come home with a huge chip on her shoulder about Patrick, whom she confronts about his agenda and then mwa ha ha’s him that if Victoria doesn’t crush his soul, she will (which is random, but OK). Then she rages at Victoria and tells her she’s moving out and Victoria shrugs.

Also–they’re all apparently broke (and just living in property that’s paid for/paying expenses from the governor salary) because of the money thing Aiden did, but nobody mentions the repercussions of the big, bad blackout that was supposed be big and bad.

Emily poisons Conrad at an unveiling of his portrait and then fakes the blood test results so that he thinks he’s inherited his father’s Huntington’s Disease. Now Daniel’s in a flap about what it means for him, and he’s actually concerned for his dad. Conrad moves back home with Victoria, who’s now re-saddled with her husband and mourning Patrick again after Charlotte’s snit fit sends him packing. Emily suggests setting double infinity (8/8) for the wedding to give everybody something to look forward to. The possible wrinkle there is that Daniel is getting a full court flirt from an old friend newly in town to launch a magazine–not that Emily would care if Daniel cheated, mind you.


Emily meets him at the prison gate when he’s freed and we never actually round back to what he was jailed for/charged with. She buys him that house she promised–just down the beach from her own; all the better for midnight strategizing. When she asks him for hacking help, he says no but he paraglides in with poison when she needs it, so I’m not sure how long that’ll hold that he’s not on a PC.


Jack left town after Emily’s confession and she finds out from Nolan that he’s back so she goes to see him. They have a sweet sad, kiss as he tells her he gets it about avenging her dad at all costs but she’s on her own. He says he feels nothing for her (which I think is a BIG FAT LIE and that somewhere in there he’s been with Emily since her confession and we at home aren’t supposed to know. Like I said–trust issues). After Conrad collapses, Jack confronts her and tells her to wrap her shit up by summer or he’s telling everybody who she is.


She’s still on her Grayson warpath and her first victim this week is Conrad, as a larger way of getting back at Victoria–I guess by moving him back home? And then she puts Ashley on a plane back to England after setting her up as the press leak for Conrad’s diagnosis. Before she leaves, Ashley recites a long list of things she knows Emily and Victoria did, so I’m not sure we’re completely done with her.

Emily tells Nolan about her conversation with Jack–and IDs it as the impetus for the August wedding–but she never mentions Aiden, who shows up on Victoria’s balcony in the closing minutes of the episode and pronounces himself her ally in taking down the girl next door.

So that’s what we saw. But here’s where my brain went:

I wondered if Emily is still in cahoots with Jack and Aiden, or at least one of them. I can’t believe she’d not have sussed out Aiden’s whereabouts in six months, or at least told Nolan she’d been looking for him. She knew he was pissed, but still– her resources = answers.

I’m inclined to think Charlotte had the baby and left him somewhere, like her mother did Patrick.

Patrick is off to me–his vibe with Victoria is more sexual than it should be, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Conrad or Emily, or even Charlotte, had magically produced him to occupy Victoria and twist the knife by taking him away or revealing him to be bad/an imposter.

The opening scene of Emily in her wedding dress taking a bullet out on the water in an empty boat could be anybody, with the exception that she’s apologizing to someone–so that narrows it to one of her boys, I’d think.

We’ll see. We’ll just have to take it all with a Winchester load of salt.

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