Pure Preview: Communion

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

On the next episode of Pure, we, the Funks, and Bronco discover that Eli didn’t get where he is in the cocaine pecking order by pulling his punches. Thankfully for us, we’re at home. The Funks and Bronco find out in less comfortable ways.

pure 1-5-4

pure 1-5-1

Noah and Abel travel down to El Paso with Bronco and DEA Agent O’Reilly, who has the Capital Bad Idea orders to bring little Ezekiel south, too.

While they’re heading toward that snake pit, Anna has to deal with a newly freed, and extremely pissed off Gerry while desperately looking for Tina, who decided to bugger off without telling anyone. Bronco gets backward roped into that, too, when Anna approaches Ben and he calls his dad.

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Bronco calls for reinforcements while treading lightly about the traitor he discovered last week, and gets a rude awakening from O’Reilly when she explains how she’ll run her op.

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That leaves Noah and Abel on their own as they go into Eli’s compound to do the process conversion show and tell, which goes really well and really badly.

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Pure airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on CBC. Only one episode left after this one. If you missed any episodes, they’re online now at CBC’s website. Here’s a sneak peek of “Communion.”


Photo and Video Courtesy of CBC

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