Previewing Slasher: Ripper “Left-Handed Justice”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Thursday, on the next new Slasher: Ripper, we get more insight into just how dastardly our past and remaining potential victims are when we flashback to a night when they all colluded on some particularly shitastic behavior.

Slasher Ripper

Speaking of collusion, the elder Botticelli sisters rope gullible Verdi into a situation they orchestrate with Salome.

Slasher Ripper

Detective Rjikers unwittingly sets Garvey, and then the Superintendent, on a path toward a suspect who gets the full weight of the latter’s coked-out vengeance until help intervenes. And we separately learn just what’s had Kashtinsky so hell-bent to self-medicate.

Slasher Ripper

Rondeau makes a misguided run at Regina that doesn’t go to plan, and then she seeks counsel with Reverend May.

In fun casting we hadn’t seen yet, we meet Garvey’s put-upon housekeeper Gladys, played by Sharron Matthews.

Slasher Ripper

Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin wrote the episode, directed by Adam MacDonald.

In case you missed it, the first three episodes of Slasher: Ripper are streaming now on Hollywood Suite in Canada and Shudder and AMC+ in the U.S. Episode four drops at 3:01 am ET Thursday on the U.S. outlets and premieres Thursday at 9 pm ET on Hollywood Suite in Canada.

Slasher Ripper

As a reminder, you can catch last season’s Flesh and Blood on those outlets, too. The first three seasons of Slasher are still on Netflix. And all our coverage of previous seasons is here.

Photos courtesy of AMC Networks.

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