Previewing Pure Season 2

Almost two years after its Canadian run, but a short hiatus since its US airing, Pure returns for Season 2 Tuesday night in a tandem premiere on SuperChannel’s Fuse and WGN America.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Pure Season 2

Set several months after the events of the first season, the action picks up with Noah (Ryan Robbins) in the wind and his family struggling without him and their church. Anna (Alex Paxton-Beesley) is doing her best to maintain a routine for Tina (Jessica Clement) and Issak (Dylan Everett) as things become increasingly dire and old demons resurface. That gives the three of them very big arcs this season.

Pure Season 2

Anna is also still trying to find Noah, with an assist from Bronco’s old colleague, Detective Gates (Cory Bowles). His hands are full, too, when he catches a case that intersects the investigation of a forensic accountant, Valerie Krochak (Zoie Palmer). Val is itching to move beyond number crunching and she gets her opportunity in spades.

Pure Season 2

Both women wind up in the crosshairs of a Hector Estrada (Victor Gomez) and Octavio Orff (Conrad Pla), the head and chief enforcer of a Mexican cartel, and drugs that once again run right through Mennonite country.

Alyson Hannigan and Christopher Heyerdahl join the cast this season as Esther Dunkel, a lapsed Mennonite with cartel ties, and Augustus Nickel, Anna’s kind employer.

Alex Paxton-Beesley

We also pick up with Noah and learn what he’s been doing. We see where he lands on the remorse vs. responsibility scale about Season 1, and where he left things when he walked away. Early in, he’s given an opportunity to make amends.

Zoie Palmer

Right out of the gate, the second season of Pure skews darker than the first, or seemed to for me. It’s also an interesting switch up to have the multiple threads of the Funks separated from each other onscreen. This season, they’re all further tested, but they don’t have each other as readily at hand for support. Val is essentially the Bronco role this season. We buy into her need to make a go of her case as she tries to move beyond the desk.

Pure Season 2

Series creator and showrunner Michael Amo wrote episodes 201, 204, and 206. Andrew Wreggitt wrote episodes 202 and 205, and Waneta Storms wrote episode 203. Ken Girotti directed episodes 201, 202, 205, and 206 and T.W. Peacocke directed episodes 203 and 204.

Pure premieres its six-episode second season at 10 pm/9c Tuesday on Fuse in Canada and WGN America in the U.S. Season 1 is streaming on demand on Super Channel’s website in Canada and on WGN America’s website in the US. [Updated 10/2/20 — Season 2 premieres on CBC October 2nd at 9 pm ET/9:30 NT].

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