Mary Kills People “No Happy Endings Here” Preview

This week’s Mary Kills People follows up on the aftermath of new acquaintances and re-acquaintances. Some go really well, and some don’t.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Mary Kills People

Mary’s professional relationships gets complicated in a hurry when she’s tipped that Frances is running her own show. And the potential blowback doesn’t just involve her and Joy’s. At the hospice, following the debacle last week when she went AWOL, she helps Des dip a toe into working solo.

Mary Kills People

That’s also complex because the first patient in his rotation is a bit of a kindred, crusty soul, Donna (Deborah Grover), and she surprises him. He, in turn, recognizes and atones for his initial bad behavior with Lucy.

Mary Kills People

While Cambie dives headlong into mulling Nietzsche, Jess is pulled back into Naomi’s vortex. When she really takes a close look at her friend, what she sees rattles her. Mary brings Ben back into the friend zone in a series of surprisingly warm scenes reminiscent of Season 1. It’s a bonus that they answer unresolved questions and pave the way for whatever will be next.

Matt Huether wrote the script directed by James Genn.

Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People airs Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Global TV. Seasons 1 and 2 and this season’s first two episodes are streaming now on Global TV’s website and Global GO.

Update 8/6/22: All three seasons of Mary Kills People are now streaming on Global TV in Canada and Roku Channel in the US.

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