Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Rubber Lining”

[Warning General spoilers ahead.]

After a break for the Olympics, Sam and Kelly and the crew are back this week with a brand-new episode — and 11 Canadian Screen Award nominations. “Rubber Lining” picks up after the murder of the accountant they’d hoped would lead them to the brains behind the gun smuggling operation.

Pretty Hard Cases 205

They do get closer to more intel, though, and that sends Nate in undercover to investigate a realtor with a vacant home that’s being used for part of the illegal operation. Fun for us is that the realtor is played by Billy MacLellan.

Pretty Hard Cases 205

On the interpersonal dynamic front, Sam and Kelly agree to reset their relationship to strictly professional and back away from the personal part that’s gotten messy in light of Kelly reconnecting with Len.

While their friendship is on ice, Kelly reconnects with Shanika (Shailyn Pierre-Dixon), her former friend who ran the basketball outreach program for the kids. That pays dividends both for helping out the community and finally making progress toward getting Richie out of lockup.

Pretty Hard Cases 205

Jackie and Crystal, her friend at the foster home, wind up on the fringes of the investigation when the latter reveals she’s been making extra cash as a courier. Jackie’s intrigued, but also wise enough to recognize that’s not a great life choice.

Cory Bowles directs a script by Tassie Cameron & Carina Samuels.

Pretty Hard Cases 205

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. (9:30 p.m. NT) on CBC and CBC Gem. All our previous coverage is here. Here’s a sneak peek of “Rubber Lining.”

Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC

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