Pretty Hard Cases Preview: “Kids”

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

On a brand new Pretty Hard Cases, Sam and Duff take one step forward and two steps back in their budding partnership after some uncomfortable truths follow an unintentional boundary overstep. And Tiggy realizes she may be in over her head and then some.

Pretty Hard Cases

Following last week’s Bowen bust (and interestingly there’s no interrogation of Stef this week), Sam’s riding high and ready to keep chipping away at the Stockwood Crew. Courtesy of some investigative work by a young officer, she gets closer than she intends. There’s also another point of entry in her own home with Jackie’s secrety secret thing with Elliott, of which she’s blissfully unaware.

That secret gets much more awkward when Duff finds out first.

Pretty Hard Cases

To her credit, Jackie comes clean with Elliott and he doesn’t handle it well, but that’s soon the least of his worries, when he, too, gets in over his head trying to negotiate with Duff about when and whether she rats him out to Sam. And Jackie ends up in the middle of not one, but two, dangerous situations courtesy of Roxy, one of Tiggy’s dealers.

Pretty Hard Cases

Tigyy’s occupied elsewhere, though, trying to get info and assistance from Randy now that Stef is locked up. In addition to Duff ending up in the middle of mama drama with Sam, she decides to be better informed before she corroborates Keegan’s story about the shooting, which means letting down some of her walls to ask for a favor.

By the hour’s end, Sam and Duff have some things to sort out. Good thing there are five more episodes after this one!

Cory Bowles directs a script by Lisa Codrington.

Pretty Hard Cases airs Wednesdays at 9 pm (9:30 NT)  on CBC and CBC Gem. Here’s a sneak peek. ICYMI, our previous coverage is here. [Update: The entire first season is available in the US on September 10th, streaming free on IMDb TV.]



Photos and Video Courtesy of CBC.

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